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This week's Inexcusable 5 once includes ... everybody

This week is bad. Like watch Beverly Hills 90210 on the Soap Channel bad.

The following college games from this weekend's slate are nothing more than a giant cash-grab by the underdog school to cover athletic department expenses. The only reason to watch is if you have family/friends playing the game, are an alum, or are gambling junkie:

TBridgewater1. Louisiana-Monroe at Baylor. Bears by 29.
Baylor respects all of its opponents.

2. New Mexico State at UCLA. Bruins by 42.5.
Jim Mora Jr. may not even show up for this one.

3. Vanderbilt at UMass. Vandy by 31.5.
Has to be the first time ever Vandy has enjoyed a spread such as this.

4. Florida International at Louisville. Cardinals by 42.5.
Teddy Bridgewater should not play in the second half.

5. North Texas at Georgia. Bulldogs by 32.5.
The Eagles need the check.



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