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Top 5 Breaking Bad memories

ImagesBrace yourselves Breaking Bad junkies, the finale seldom (never?) lives up to the previous episodes. We all need to accept that now. The characters mean too much, the show has been too good for too long and once we untie the bow and rip off the paper from this final present it simply cannot meet our expectations. The series finale won't be socks for Christmas, but it won't be a new bike.

It doesn't mean the finale won't be memorable, but the reality that this will be the last "new" episode for this television show heightens our senses and expectations that creator Vince Gilligan cannot possibly meet.

Breaking Bad's five seasons will end on Sunday, with what most assuredly be the conclusion of Walter White's life, as well as one of TV's most compelling characters.  In honor, here are the Top 5.5 single best moments of this show ... 

Main-qimg-6183ab44938d03c960527a9b3657b2a25.5 "I stopped counting"
By the middle of Season 4, Walter White's wife, Skyler (Anna Gunn) was in on his operation and in charge of counting and laundering the drug money. She took the cash and placed it on a skid in a storage facility. This giant pile of money was the pinnacle of his financial growth, and there was so much that Skyler said she could no longer launder or count all of it. She sprayed the money to prevent silverfish. 

Slate had fun with this and approximated the pile to be $43.86 million.

5. Jesse Pinkman's speech on building a wooden box.
In Season 3, episode 9, Pinkman is in rehab to kick his drug habit. He opens up about a time in high school when he slowly, carefully built a wooden box over the course of a semester. By the end of the year, the box was perfect. He admits he traded his creation for an ounce of weed. It was Aaron Paul's finest moment with this symapthetic, and ultimately too-vulnerable Jesse Pinkman. 

4. "We won"
This was originally supposed to be the series finale, but ... popularity intervened.
White's showdown with the drug king pin Gustavo 'Gus' Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) finally comes to fruition with the former carefully scheming to have the son of Jesse's girlfriend go into, and out of, near fatal symptoms from Ricin he planted.
Walt uses an informant Hector against Gus to plant a bomb in his wheelchair that kills White's biggest obstacle to freedom. At the end of the episode, we see that it was White who planted the Ricin in the little kid to spur Jesse against Gus. White tells Skyler over the phone, "We won."

Tohajiilee23. The Shootout in the Desert
In this final season of the show - (Season 5, Episode 13), Jesse is out to nail White. White's brother-in-law federal agent, Hank, is selling out to arrest Albquerque's biggest drug dealer. Jesse and Hank devise a plan to draw White to the desert where he has buried his millions. White arranges for a group of white supremacists to meet him there to kill them all.
Once arrested, however, White is in the backseat of a truck and desperately tries to call off the "hit". The showdown is one of the most intense scenes in the show's history. 

2. Run
In the third season, White and Jesse are knee-deep in drug dealing fun and both have realized they will be killed by the drug king pin, Gus, once they are no longer useful. At the end of Episode 12, Jesse is in the wrong part of town and about to be killed by a pair of Gus' "dogs". White arrives just in time and hits both of the would-be-killers with his car. If he was not already, White was now a full-time member of the drug dealing community.
After he runs over the two young men, he looks at Jesse and in Bryan Cranston's most menacing tone tells Jesse: "Run." 

Breakingbad_saymyname1. Say My Name
Hands down this was Walter White's "moment" on top. He had become the best. Granted, he was the best drug dealer rather than just a scientist, but he was the best. He had power. He had control. He was feared. He was respected.
His alter ego, Heisenberg, was a legend and Walter loved the celebrity.
In the fifth season, he confronts a rival crew from Phoenix, led by the black-jacket wearing Declan, in an effort to recruit them to his operation.

Declan: "Who are you?"
Walter White: "I'm the cook. I'm the man who killed Gus Fring. Now, say my name."
Declan: "Heisenberg."
Walter White: "You're ---damn right." 

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I absolutely had "Say my name" as the number one moment as well. And while historically you are correct about finales, I predict this one will have us lifting our jaws up off the floor as usual. If it is half as good as 'Ozymandias,' it will be the best finale ever.


You're right about most endings, however I tend to think that the way this has been building to a perfect crescendo, we are in for one heckuva finale. The writing has been too brilliant for too long to suggest otherwise.


One more thought, to me one of the most powerful/best moments of the entire series involved no one at all. The shot of Walt's glass as the theme music hits and the cops move in was spectacular. There have been many points in the show where Walt seems to have completely "broken bad", but to me this is the moment. It is right up there with "Say My Name", which no doubt is among the best.


I think the end of season 4 was designed to be a series finale if need be (due to negotiation struggles), but I'm really glad Vince Gilligan was able to wrap this show up how he originally intended. I recently went back to watch the show again from the beginning, and it's amazing to pick up on all the small details/foreshadowing in the pilot and first season that completely map out what you're going to watch throughout the life of the series, especially in Walt's chemistry lessons. He says chemistry is the study of change: growth, and then DECAY, and then transformation. This tells me that Walt was meant from the very beginning to rise to the very top of his trade, only to decay, along with everyone around him, to rock bottom, and this wouldn't have played out if the series was ended after killing Gus. Also, he comes right out and says when he's diagnosed with his cancer, that BEST CASE scenario, he has 2 years to live. The pilot shows bacon spelling out "50" for his 50th bday, and then to start season five, he spells out "52" with bacon in the diner. **SPOILER ALERT:** Walt is going to die on Sunday, and this series is by far the most brilliantly designed story arc I've ever seen on television.

The One Who Knocks

Not a good list. I agree with Say My Name being on the list. The "We Won" moment in face-off was not as good as the actual explosion scene.
They talked me into Jesse's box speech, though the group leaders story about running over his daughter was just as good.

But the #1 problem I have is that not only did they miss my favorite scene, the intervention in season 1, and Walts speech why he didnt want treatment, but they completely ignored Season 1 altogether.
The explosion in Tuco's office, Walt killing Krazy-8, The bathtub goo falling through the ceiling, all of these are worth consideration and at least one of them should have made the list.


"stay out of my territory" in season 2 episode 10 still is the biggest scene I is when Walter White officially transforms into his alter-ego,Heisenberg.


I loved the scene early in the show when he dropped his cool chemistry-bomb in Tuco´s office, smashing all windows to pieces :)

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