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Tragic - Another Craig James era is over. Again

Craig-James-APLabor Day is ruined. So is September. All of 2013.

What should have been a great football season with the return of Craig James to the college football telecast world is over. Over after the FIRST WEEKEND. One - as in one - appearance and BAM - in the face.

According to Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated, the Craig James of Fox Sports Southwest is no more.

It was announced late last week James, who had previously annoyed millions as an analyst for ESPN before running for a spot as Texas senator, was hired by Fox Sports Southwest to serve as an in studio analyst.

He had one shot at it this weekend when Fox Sports Southwest decided it was time to put Craig James on Real Street.

Craig James
Fox Sports Southwest
8/30/13 - 9/2/13 
Gone too soon

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Im glad you posted this. It confirmed that you were sarcastic the whole time about Craig James being a quality analyst... or human being... in any shape or form. #CJK5H

The Noodler

I don't see how anybody within 400 miles of Texas Tech could feel sorry for this poor excuse for a human being.

Daniel Kirk

Mac, should have read "Craig James Error is over."


I hope James career in broadcasting does like his career in politics; ends


I wish they'd hire him again, and fire him again, its always nice to read the report.

James hater

James is pathetic. I agree with 'theringisthething'. Hire. Fire. Hire. Fire. Any chance to kick this loser is good news to me.


What a relief he is gone.


They want James' type on Fox News, but not on Fox Sports???

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