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Trevone Boykin is better for TCU

XsCcL.St.58The earliest Casey Pachall could be available to play for TCU is Oct. 26 against Texas in Fort Worth.
Or maybe Nov. 2 against West Virginia in Fort Worth.

Here is the problem - Trevone Boykin already defeated both teams last season. The way UT's defense played in a loss at BYU on Saturday night TCU may not need to attempt a single pass to win.

The sad reality is that despite the hell that Pachall went through to return to TCU and to play quarterback again is that we may have seen the last of him as the starting QB. He reportedly suffered a broken left forearm in the team's win against Southeastern Louisiana, and despite the vague words coming from coach Gary Patterson's about Pachall's long-term possibilities it sounds like this is over. 

By the time Pachall is ready to return the team is likely going to be too far gone, and set, with Boykin as the quarterback. There is no confusion now if you are TCU - you're going with Boykin.

The truth - this stinks for Pachall, Patterson and the team.
The truth - Trevone Boykin is actually the better quarterback, and the better alternative for this team.

BildeIn Pachall's first two games, he was 17 of 30 for 175 yards with one interception and no touchdowns. He looked slow, off, tentative and like he was struggling with the reads, and his confidence.

Boykin is 15 of 25 for 203 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. He looks like a guy who has played, and is used to making plays with his feet.

A young offensive line needs Boykin's feet to make it look better than it is. Pachall couldn't do that.

This scenario was always possible, but it did not feel plausible because we were all convinced Pachall was just that much better. What few of us, me included, predicted was that Pachall would not look like the same player upon his return.

The reality was Pachall did well against Mountain West competition. He never saw the types of athletes the way Boykin did last season in the Big 12. Patterson said Boykin had improved dramatically in the spring, and he obviously was not kidding.

Before the season began, Gary said Pachall would be the starter because you can't lose a job to injury. Last season Pachall was never injured. He is now.

And this time it looks like he has lost his job.

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I hope that Patterson does the right thing and gives Boykin the starting position for the remainder of the season. While I admire Pachall's drive and determination, Boykin is clearly a better fit.


Prepare for a season just like last year. Boykin is NOT a QB. He has one of the worst QB ratings in division 1. The big problem is that he can't throw the ball. He is a running back pressed into a position he isn't good at and will possibly not win enough games to even play a bowl game.


Sad story for Casey. When Casey was hot, he was a top pick for the NFL. Now, after some stupid choices and some bad luck, Casey will not play out this season. I love TCU and want what's bet for the team but I wish things could be different. You have to go with Boykin but my heart goes out to Casey.

Jim White

My heart goes out to Casey Pachall and I hope he recovers from this tragic injury in time to make a contribution to the TCU team and a contribution to what hopefully will be a career in pro football for him. I do not know Casey, but based on what I've read, I think he has grown a lot and developed his character over the past many months. I am also very impressed with Trevone Boykin. I still hope to see them play together before the end of the season.

TCU Alum 2006

RE: valtwin

Have you actually watched any TCU games this year? Trevone has played very well, running and throwing against a premier SEC defense that almost led us to victory. Thus far, he has a 60% completion percentage, 2 TD and 0 INT. He also opens up the running game by posing a legitimate threat on the zone-read.

Look at his freshmen year vs. Dalton's freshmen year; somewhat comparable when you take into account the level of competition. The step Trevone took from his Freshmen to Sophomore year is even greater than Dalton's. If he continues to improve he has the chance to be an excellent college QB.

The heart he plays with and the leadership he demonstrates in the huddle clearly make the offense and team rally around him.

Ed B

Boykin was about to earn the starting position. It is a crying shame it happened this way. I hope that Casey gets well quick and gets a chance to catch on with an NFL team. He has the physical ability and showed it even in MWC games. See the win at Boise State. That was huge and it wasn't supposed to happen.

At least with regard to the injury it reminds of Tye Gunn. Both were very talented and their careers were shortened by very unfortunate injuries.


haha @ valtwin

how much do you really know about TCU football?

Trevone Boykin is a Running Back, forced to play Quarterback? Really?

He was the 24th best Dual-Threat QB coming out of high school.

He played injured the second half of the season, and still made some unbelievable plays. The dude is a gamer, leader, and he DOES have a good arm.

We won't make a bowl game this year? a lot of people thought the same last year, and we still made a bowl game. and the Big 12 was tougher last year. The Big 12 is in a down year this year

maybe before chiming in next time, get your facts straight


valtwin, you are as stupid as your post. your probably a tech fan.

Rob Tentoy

The really "sad" thing is that had Boykin started this last game, Pachall might still have a chance to make good on the comeback story everybody was so desperate for. Instead, Patterson forced him on us again, despite Boykin being the better QB against LSU (and then again this last Saturday).
Yes, Pachall had an arm, but his ability to think on his feet had been suspect before his complete fall from grace. Never mind that he wasn't very quick on his feet either... he always reminded me of Frankenstein's Monster in concrete shoes.
This is Boykin's team. He's earned it. I'm just irritated that it took an injury to get Pachall off the field.


Trevone is absolutely the better QB.

"The" OSU

Boykin is the better choice if you can't protect the pocket. Pachall is by far the better quarterback if given decent blocking. The biggest difference in the LSU game was their quarterback had aaaaaaallllll day in the pocket to make his reads and throw, ours were already pressured before they completed their drop.

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