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Video: Galloway & Big Mac dissect Cowboys love



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I agree with your analysis, mostly. I think you are spot on about the turn overs. Dallas gets a few more turn overs and our record last years improves by 2 games.

I agree with your analysis of this year's team but the only part I can't swallow is the 10-6 prediction. I just have to believe there will be some other reason we blow it this year. Call it "The Jerry Factor" or the "Romo Factor". We just suck enough to not get over the hump. It's sad and amazing.

I hope you (and I) are wrong. Love to see Dallas get back to the playoffs this year and the year's to follow. I don't know how much longer I can stomach watching Romo get paid a crap ton of money and suck so bad.

Katherine Webb

I'm not ashamed to admit it; you are hot. I love your hair, your chin, and your wit. (And I'm not talking about your side kick Galloway)

This video segment is the reason I get out of bed in the morning.

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