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Who knew? TCU has a quarterback controversy

422-wuUol.AuSt.55TCU quarterback Casey Pachall, as well as the rest of his teammates, were exposed on Saturday night in a season-opening loss against LSU. They are good, and then there is SEC good.

The divide between the SEC and the rest is growing so big that it's almost boring (yes, I realize No. 5 Georgia lost by 3 at No. 8 Clemson).

It is logical that TCU applauded its effort for hanging in against LSU for four quarters, simply because few teams do - let alone actually beat them. No one wants to admit to celebrating moral victories, but that's what it felt like.

Much is going to be rightly made of TCU head coach Gary Patterson's decision to try Trevone Boykin in the second half over Pachall, who in his first game since Sept. 29, 2011 looked anything like a "big game" QB, or a Big 12 first-team all conference player.

Pachall had not played in forever, and he had never seen a defense like this. He likely never will again.

His wide receivers were unable to get away from LSU's corners, and he had no real options anywhere on his first or second read. LSU compressed their defense because they trusted no one for TCU could break one deep. 

Boykin, however, could buy time and made a few plays after the play broke, or the first and second options were not there.

When Pachall left the team in October there was always a chance this could happen - the guy behind him could take his job. But who saw this coming when Trevone Boykin stepped in last October? Would Pachall have returned to TCU if he thought he was not going to play as a senior?

Hi-res-7624920_crop_northDespite GP applauding how good Pachall is in "big games", Boykin last season faced far better competition than Pachall had previously seen. Patterson was not kidding when he said Boykin was improved. His mechanics looked better against LSU - over the top - and he can buy time. His teammates also responded to his presence.

Pachall deserves two more shots to prove to his head coach the offense is better off with him than Boykin. Pachall should done fine against Southeastern Louisiana on Sept. 7 in Fort Worth. It's the next game that should decide his fate: Sept. 12, at Texas Tech.

If Pachall is good and TCU defeats the Red Raiders in Lubbock, he keeps his starting job. If he can't do it, then GP will have to make up his mind and go with the other guy.



LSU was in control the whole game just like Coach Miles stated in post game. I believe that makes TCU 7-7 overall since joining the Big 12.


LSU was ahead by 3 with 5 minutes left. Miles says a lot of stupid things. Teams like Texas Tech or Baylor would've lost by 4 touchdowns to LSU.


TCU had 259 yards of total offense....they got dominated by an SEC team.


Les Miles is a complete idiot. That aside, Boykin gives GP and TCU a better shot to win some games as opposed to Casey. I'd bench Casey if he doesn't get it going asap. Boykin is a solid young QB.

Rotten Arsenal

I hope they lose every game in which Pachall takes a snap. After last season, Boykin deserves to start, especially if he is at least equal to Pachall (which judging by last Saturday, seems to be the case).

TCU fan

Casey is done. There is no quarterback controversy. LSU has a good D but Casey was basically horrible. Bench him. Controversy over.


Equal? Wasn't close versus LSU. Trevone is a baller and so is BJ Catalon. Both should start. Should give Josh Docston a shot too.

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