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Baylor 2013 > Baylor 2011

Bryce-petty-snapsIt took a little while, but it's on for Baylor. Because this team is even better than RGIII's final season in Waco, this should be even more fun than their memorable run of 2011. RGIII's Baylor team was not as deep, or as balanced, as this crew and not a threat to the national scene. He was a threat to individual awards, but his team was not a global threat. 

The same program that just a few years ago was aiming to merely become bowl eligible is now a major player at the top.

In 2011, Baylor was a cute little story led by charming quarterback and a soft-drawled football coach with crazy game plans. They were adorable. They finished third in the Big 12 that season, which was Camelot in Waco.

In 2013, Baylor is a genuine threat to college football's upper establishment.

This is the best team Baylor has had since ... integration? 

This final month should be a lot of fun, a lot different, but doable.

Briles-spring08* Baylor is 7-0 against opponents that are a combined 24-29. The first win was against Wofford, which is an FCS team.
* Four of their next five games are against teams with winning records, beginning Thursday in Waco when Oklahoma visits.
* If you recall, the last time OU visited Waco was one of the most enjoyable games of the 2011 season - on November 19, 2011, RGIII passed for 479 yards in a 45-38 upset win against the No. 5 Sooners. His 34-yard TD pass to Terrance Williams with eight seconds remaining won the game. OU gave up a school-record 616 yards to Baylor in that game ... which feels like what Baylor is averaging this season.

* The combined record of the five remaining opponents is 28-10.

Since going undefeated is statistically just so hard the safe bet is to assume that the Bears will get popped in this final month. The best guess is at Oklahoma State; the Cowboys are good, and it's on the road. 

The Bears are good enough to pull this off, to not only win the Big 12 but reach a BCS title game.

How ironic - in their final season at Floyd Casey Stadium, which witnessed countless bad football games and bad football teams - the Bears are having their best season maybe ever.

Here is a fun walk down memory lane ... (sorry - it's Matt Millen on the analysis - nothing I can do about that).


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Sam Bass

Big 12 race actually shaping up to be a fun ending.

At OSU will be toughest test - at TCU will be a challenge as well.

Brent W.

I agree with Sam Bass above. I am just not quite sure if they are the 5-6th best team in the country yet... definitely top 10 though. TCU always plays Baylor tough. They "upset" them in Waco last year and TCU-Baylor's rivalry can be loosely equated to UT-A&M or Alabama-Auburn. As a Baylor alum, and former student at TCU also, I feel Baylor will lose 1, maybe 2 games, with Okla St. being their toughest test. The Baylor D is much improved, but they struggle against good running teams (KSU), so the Sooners will be a caged brawl. With that said, they have come together as a team and they believe, but I don't think they have experienced adversity quite yet. Once they do - and get past it - they will be BCS bound. Anything less than the Cotton Bowl this year will be a disappointment, but the 2013 Bears aredefinitely best team in multiple years and make alums such as myself proud of them.


Baylor's 2012 team was better than the 2011 team as well, by season's end.

Rob Tentoy

Oh come on guys... Baylor is going to stomp TCU to pieces. Baylor is good at the one thing where TCU's defense is almost never good - the deep pass and even if the can slow Baylor down (to only scoring... maybe... 40?) the Frogs have zero offense.
And Baylor will probably face Pachall. And Baylor beat Pachall in 2011 when Pachall didn't suck. At least Boykin gives TCU a sort of dual threat but Pachall can't run.
No, unless Patterson breaks out of his Pachall stupor, Baylor runs away with it.


Baylor finished 10-2 and swept the SWC in 1980.

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