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Big Mac Blog must: The Rocky Steps

Images-1PHILADELPHIA, PennsylvaniaThe Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the best museums in the United States primarily because it has a giant bronze of a fictitious boxer. Who cares about the pieces by Rodin, van Gogh, Monet or Cezanne - they never knocked out Clubber Lang, or defeated Communism in its own backyard.

We are talking about one of the most enduring characters in American pop culture, which easily defeats any piece of garbage painted by one of these overrated frauds like Renoir. 

If you ever find yourself in the City of Brotherly Disdain, be sure to visit this great museum for the art and the chance to run the steps made so famous by Sly Stallone in the original Rocky. People run up these steps all the time to see what is all about. It's not that hard ... or maybe it is because I'm just that great of an athlete in peak physical condition who chews up giant steps with ease. 

Remember when Rocky could barely make it up these steps in the first training scene to prepare to fight Apollo Creed? Rocky was hunched over, sad, pathetic, alone with no friends and no chance for a matching 401-K; the tragic portrait of a loser. After enough raw eggs, one-armed pushups and chasing live chickens, he made it up these steps.

Off to the right of the base of the famous steps at the museum is the actual Rocky statue that was commissioned for Rocky III. It has been moved around the city after Sly donated it but it appears to have found its final home here. It is easily the most visited piece of art at a museum that has far more prized possessions than a movie prop.

Art snobs can hate on this reality all they want (they do), but Rocky is art, and - I'm sorry - you have to be a Nazi robot not to be moved by the original sequence that ends on these steps.



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sarar givaty

Great article. Funny. And true.

Look for another "Rocky" movie in the next couple of years. Stallone hasn't put this thing to bed yet.

The next installment in the series is called "Creed".


Rocky actually didn't chase any live chickens until Rocky II!

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