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Casey Pachall won't be returning early

Hi-res-6608772_display_imageFORT WORTH, Texas - One week ago the news about Casey Pachall and his return from a fractured left arm was so encouraging head coach Gary Patterson thought maybe he could get into a game on Saturday at Oklahoma State. Yeah ... that didn't work out.

"We're not where we need to be right yet," Gary said Tuesday at his weekly press conference on Pachall's broken left arm.

While there still exists a chance for Pachall to return and play for TCU this season, it just won't be fast. Pachall has not be given the green light by the doctor on the third fracture in the arm that would allow him to play in a game. The first two breaks have healed, GP said last week.

Pachall has been TCU's scout team quarterback over the last few weeks.

"We have the best scout team quarterback in the country," Patterson said.

The way GP talked last week it sounded as if Pachall could play at Oklahoma State, which I wrote would mean Pachall would start this week at home against Texas. Ain't happening.

Pachall suffered a broken left forearm against Southeastern Louisiana on Sept. 7. The original prognosis was roughly eight weeks, which would make him available to play on Nov. 2 against West Virginia.

Gary said he does not believe Pachall is out for the year, and that the original timeline looks good. They're just waiting for the right word from the doctor.

Gary did say he will let the world know on Friday; that Casey just won't suddenly show up to play.


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That's no what Gary said mac.




That's not what Gary said Mac


I think Casey and TCU should think long and hard before giving up the opportunity for a medical redshirt. I think it would be mutually beneficial to both parties.

Jerome C.

Bill, THAT'S ABSOLUTELY WHAT GARY SAID! I was there. Trust me. If ANYBODY knows what Gary said it's me and Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Please don't act like you know something when you clearly do not.

Shannon Smith

TCU needs to move on. Casey was something but his time has passed him by. Let's find a new QB and new team leader. Casey needs to move on.

Rob Tentoy

What is the deal?!?!? Seriously!!!! This bonehead screwed up several times and then last year screwed up in glorious fashion that pretty much deep sixed the whole season. Then, Patterson and Co. spend all offseason claiming it would be a battle between Boykin and Pachall when EVERYBODY knew that was BS.
THEN Pachall comes out and looks terrible before getting injured putting Boykin back on the spot and who knows how his confidence was hurt by all this Pachall love.
Seriously... can we get past this pathetic love fest? This has probably set the entire program back a few years.
If Boykin isn't the answer, start getting Tyler Matthews going. Stop wasting time and energy on Pachall. Let him go figure out his life but not at the expense of the rest of the team.
Honestly, I have really started rethinking the "genius" of Gary Patterson...

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