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Cowboys Cold Truths: It wasn't the defensive coordinator then, or now

1lQ484.St.58The New Orleans Saints are 5-0 with a defensive coordinator who was so bad for the Dallas Cowboys he was fired.

Rob Ryan is gone, and the Cowboys defense remains a problem with Monte Kiffin. His defense was awful for the second time in as many weeks as Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning ripped them apart to add another notch to his bed frame.

Killing Tony Romo for his painful fourth-quarter interception in the final minutes of the Cowboys' 51-48 loss on Sunday against the Broncos is the rage, but take aim at a defense that stinks regardless of who calls the formations.

Granted, Peyton Manning is destroying all defenses this season and the Cowboys forced two turnovers, including his first interception of the season. That's more than most.

You can almost excuse it except this happens all the time to the Cowboys. And this is one week after Philip Rivers and the Chargers ran all over them in San Diego.

It wasn't Rob Ryan's fault, nor is it Kiffin's. The players simply aren't good enough, or are not making the plays.

1nZmes.St.58GREAT NEWS!
The NFC East remains terrible. The Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East with a gaudy 2-3 record. Well done, Coach Garrett. The Eagles, Redskins and New York Giants are a combined 0-6 at home this season. 

This is what he has done at high school in Burlington, Wisc., in college at Eastern Illinois and now in the NFL - he is the reason his team has a shot, and because they ask so much of him he has to do more than others at his position.

You ask a quarterback to throw the ball 36 times with a rushing attack that carries but 14 times, he is going to throw a pick. It is his timing that, as always, remains amazingly terrible.

Remember balance? No coach likes to run the ball more than Coach Process, or so he says. Yeah ... Cowboys passed it 36 times on Sunday. They ran it 14 times. Hard to argue with more than 500 yards of offense.
On the season, they have thrown the ball 103 times and passed it 188 times.  

The Cowboys second-year corner again gave up his TDs and a few catches, but the man drafted to make plays recovered a fumble and intercepted Peyton Manning. Make sure to mention that Brandon Carr's horrible day if you are going to kick Claiborne. At least Claiborne made a few major plays.

The Cowboys offensive line has been dramatically better this season with the addition of center Travis Frederick, guard Ron Leary, veteran guard Brian Waters as well as dramatic improvement of Doug Free. This line has been pretty good, and dramatically better than last season.

But with the exception of one game against the Division II St. Louis Rams, running back DeMarco Murray has not been as good as needed. He has 84 carries for 399 yards and two TDs - not bad, right? Consider 175 yards came against the Rams.

The Cowboys defensive end is not the same. He is tending to a back and stinger issues. These are not going to go away, and likely will only grow worse. He is this team's best pass rusher, but keep an eye on this as his effectiveness will likely decrease.

Credit the rookie from Baylor from moving on from last week's stinker in San Diego to the best game of his life. He blocked well, and he caught four balls for 151 yards and a touchdown. That made the continued absence of Miles Austin (hamstring) less horrible.
Sunday was a big step for Williams, but Austin is still better. 

Say this for Coach Process, he has never lost this team. The Broncos were up 35-20 with 8:03 remaining in the third quarter.
The Cowboys took a 48-41 lead with 7:19 remaining in the game. The final 7:19, however, did not go quite as well. 

The last time former Baylor QB Robert Griffin III played at Jerry World he made the Cowboys his personal female dog. As a rookie, RGIII defeated the Cowboys 38-31 on Nov. 22. He threw for 304 yards with four touchdowns.

The world is different for RGIII in season No. 2. He and the Redskins are 1-3, and have looked awful in doing so. 


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David Deal

Amen. It is not the defensive coach it is the lack of defensive talent, ie: no pass rush. Any secondary can look bad against a good quarterback with no pressure. D Ware cannot do it by himself and he is now older and injury prone. He needs to be splitting snaps with a protege.


Take your choice Yay Yay no Romo or Yeah But Tony.

jerry knows best

Romo is a heart breaker. I wish him well...when we trade him.

The only chance we have of going to the playoffs is if our division continues to stink.

I'm rooting for NY and Philly to continue their downward spiral.

New Roof Denver

Hit the nail right on the head. Besides Ware, Cowboys have drafted very mediocre defensive players and the coordinator can only do so much. Romo is Romo, and the defense can't overcome his mistakes. If the injuries to Ware get worse, the Cowboys may not win 6 games. The owner needs to fire the GM drafting these duds...but hell freezes over first.


Another of the plenitudinous fair-weather Dallas fans;Romo's the problem, huh? If the Boys aren't in the Superbowl this week, they don't exist. As having to take snaps w/broken ribs because you're irreplaceable ain't enough, please try to recall that when another of his passes is bobbled twice as it hits the numbers, that it's the quarterback's stat as a miss. A miss is in whose hands to make instead? Try hard to remember this, & don't 4get where you parked.

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