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Don't forget this guy in Baylor's absurd start

To all the Phil Bennett haters of the world - and there were just so many of you - eat it.  The Baylor defensive coordinator, who was all but thrown into the Brazos River one year ago for his defense, is now suddenly not such a bad coach. He just needed a few players.

Baylor's offense is receiving all of the love for its absurd numbers:

PHILBENNETT250_406BAYLOR- 4-0 record 
- 70.5 points per game (1st in FBS)
- 347.3 rushing yards per game (2nd in FBS)
- 432.3 passing yards per game (1st in FBS)

Easily lost in all of these PlayStation15 numbers is that fact that someone is getting the other team off the field in the football game.

Baylor's defense, so wretched one year ago, is making stops. Granted, they are stopping some bad college football offenses but until Saturday's garbage time against West Virginia did some of the numbers start to look human.

The Bears' defense ranks 17th in FBS, allowing an average of 321.3 yards per game. Opponents are scoring 16.3 points per game, which was inflated greatly by West Virginia's 21 fourth-quarter points on Saturday when the game was gone.

Under head coach Art Briles the Bears are going to be an offensive team, but all they need is to have a decent defense and, especially given the nature of the Big 12 this season, they can win this conference.

Credit Briles for sticking with Bennett. Credit Bennett for building a defense that can make a few stops. That's all Baylor needs.

Of course, it's about to get real for Baylor. These stupid numbers figure to stop a little beginning Oct. 12 when the Bears finally leave Waco for a game when they play at Kansas State.

Should Baylor win in Manhattan - never a given - they should be 7-0 when they host Oklahoma on November 7 in Waco for what could be for first place in the Big 12. 

They will be in that position because of Briles' offense, and Bennett's defense.

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Baylor's high school schedule is about to end! They have played all the AAA times around Waco.

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