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Former LD Bell star Marshall Henderson still doesn't get it

6a00e54f7fc4c5883301901e366c2f970bOle Miss shooting guard/mouth Marshall Henderson is down to his final year of college basketball, and the way he is going this will be his last season of organized ball. 

He ain't going to the NBA. Neither will the D-League. That will leave Europe, and those leagues will tire of his act quickly and send him home. Or just not pay him.

The former star at L.D. Bell has now had his latest suspension defined by Ole Miss - three games, for a violation of team rules. reported he failed a drug test. Who saw this coming?

He will miss the first two conference games of the season.

Ole Miss head coach Andy Kennedy has his job in Oxford becuase he gambled and took Henderson when every place else said no way because of his laundry list of off-the-court problems. As much as he needs Henderson, he had to suspend Henderson.

The problem is for Kennedy it won't matter. Henderson is going to do whatever he wants, even if it kills his shot at a pro basketball career. I have no idea what else Henderson plans to do other than ball.

NBA teams can deal with guys who flunk drug tests. They are not going to deal with guys who flunk drug tests and can't play.

He is only 6-foot-2. His ball handling is not great. His defense is OK. He can't penetrate off the dribble. His shot selection leaves little to be desired. But he can score ... in college. His game is not going to translate up.

His best shot is to shut his mouth, play, score and hope he can land a gig overseas. It's clear by now no one has been able to reach Henderson, or cared to; he either won't listen, or it's easier to enable him and let him score from outside.

Nothing this guy does fits the confines of a team, from his shot selection to violating team rules.

He is fun to watch, and his antics drive interest in the college game, even if they are stupid. Flipping off an entire crowd is bush league. Yes, he is a punk but he's not my problem so ... who cares? He sells tickets ... in college.

This is all about to end for Henderson, so he best live it up and squeeze this for a little bit longer. The fun's about to end.

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Rebel Pride

You article is sad but very true. What a waste of talent. The kid can play. Too bad he can't behave. He has been given more chances than he deserves.

L.D. Bell High School, '04

Sad day at L.D. Bell. Loved him. Best player to come thru here in forever. Sad story.


Talented yes but nowhere near an NBA talent and the Euro leagues have a long history of sending idiot American players back home.

Oxford, Ms

What did Ole Miss expect?!?!? They knew who he was when they got him. It's too bad but Ole Miss got what they deserved. The really too bad part is Henderson is killing his chances at any sort of basketball career and probably damaging any sort of career he might be interested outside of basketball


*shot selection leaves a lot to be desired.

Henderson isn't the only person lacking talent at their profession.

AR Lemon

I say let the kid have some fun. You only get to be young dumb once. He has the rest of his life to be dumb. I say let him get it out of his system.


There are so many times when I watch this kid play that he takes crazy circus shots that somehow go in. You'd think it's luck, but he does it over and over. I'm not sure any NBA coach gives him that kind of green light until he pays his dues, maybe in Europe or elsewhere for a year or two. He may not be a star, but the NBA is always looking for players who can score the basketball. I could definitely see him coming off the bench for some NBA team to provide offense.

wild side

Don't count Hendo out. He is nuts. But if he takes his squad deep into the tourney NBA can easily look past him smoking the wacky tobacky.

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