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History says 3 straight 8-8 records mean massive changes

Oilers94Many teams have tried, but only the very few can be just this mediocre. Being average for this long is haaaaaaahd work.

The Dallas Cowboys are 4-4, and hard charging to a third consecutive 8-8 finish.

In the history of the National Football League, only two other teams have ever achieved the statistically challenging and ever-so-frustrating 8-8 records in three consecutive seasons. 

As you can see from these two examples, 8-8 can usually lead to major changes:

From 1983 to 1985, the Green Bay Packers finished 8-8.
After the 1983 season, head coach Bart Starr was fired for his 8-8.
Forrest Gregg replaced him for a couple of more 8-8 records.

From 1996 to 1998, one 8-8 led to a franchise moving. The Houston Oilers were 8-8 in 1996; the team relocated to Tennessee in '97 and finished 8-8 in each of the next two years.

One other team has been .500 in three consecutive seasons, and they had a big change amid their mediocrity.
In 1932, the Boston Braves were 4-4-2. They then changed their name, but the record stayed the same. The Boston Redskins were 5-5-2 in 1933. And they were 6-6-0 in 1934.

For the Cowboys, a third straight 8-8 could lead to a playoff appearance and a division title and no such massive change. The head coach would return. They would not relocate to a different city. And they would not change the team name.

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Mike Brown, Cincinnati Bengals

what's wrong with 8-8?!?!?

as long as i'm still getting paid all that tv money i'm cool with 8-8

Doug Olson

The red-headed genius.


Rebuilding should have started last year before the draft, and Romo should have been traded while he still had value. It would have been good for the Cowboys and it would have been good for Romo, but Jerry doubled-down on the existing roster and the Cowboys will be in salary cap hell for the foreseeable future. Yes, they'll probably make the playoffs because they are in such a sorry division, but they are eons away from a championship. 8-8 gives the impression that things are okay and with a tweak here and there they can contend. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is no evidence to suggest that this team is anything more than what it's record has been the last three years. They are no better, they are no worse. They are the same old mediocre team year in and year out.

Denver Roofing

The real question is, what has Jerry Jones' bottom line been like? Is he filling Jerry's World up each week? Selling Jerseys?

Jones might SAY he wants to win, but with an idiot GM that is a remote possibility at best. Until fan apathy leaves seats empty and team merchandise sales hit rock bottom, what incentive does he really have to change anything?I quit rooting for the Boys when JJ left, and won't be back until the remaining JJ is gone. Until the other fans revolt, expect a whole lot of the same. The Dallas Idiots....I mean cowboys, lower case indicative of their lowly place in the NFL

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