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How the Chris Davis trade actually manages to get worse for the Rangers

Our daily reminder of what a horror show the Chris Davis trade continues to be for the Texas Rangers ... reliever Koji Uehara s now an effective postseason pitcher. Of course, that he is pitching well for the Boston Red Sox is merely nitpicking.

On July 30, 2011 the Rangers acquired Uehara in exchange for first baseman Tommy Hunter and Chris Davis. Yes, that really happened.

14ueharaUehara was supposed to be a crucial bullpen piece to reach closer Neftali Feliz for the Rangers that season. Uehara is a case study of why you should never pay a reliever big money. These guys blow hot and cold with no warning.

Uehara was fine over the final two months of the '11 regular season and once the playoffs began he was terrible. He appeared in 3 postseason games that playoff run, and allowed five hits, five runs and three home runs in just 1 1/3 innings. Pretty impressive.

He was so bad he never appeared in the seven-game World Series defeat against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The next season in 2012? Uehara was fine. Of course.

Now he is with the Red Sox where he is the closer. In 73 games this season, Uehara pitched 74 1/3 innings with a 1.09 ERA and 101 strikeouts. He earned a save in two of the Red Sox three wins against the Rays to win the ALDS and advance to the ALCS.

If it makes you feel any better, he did allow a game-winning home run in Game 3 and took the only loss of the series for Boston.

And Chris Davis only hit 53 home runs with 138 RBI for the Orioles, too. So he did not break Barry Bonds' steroid home run records, or even Roger Maris' mark.
Oh, and Tommy Hunter was 6-5 with a 2.81 ERA for the Orioles in 68 appearances.

Other than that, great trade.

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Doug Olson

... I think it was Chris Davis who picked off Romo, too.

Bob in Arlington

With a .281 ERA, Tommy Hunter would have been the 2nd best starter in this years Ranger lineup. AND, Chris Davis would have been the secret to having a good first baseman and the hunt for a new power bat.

That trade is ALL on Daniel's watch. The fault seems to have been in the revolving door of hitting coaches for the Rangers.

But it could have something to do with Romo's last two minutes of the Bronco game.

Denver Roofing Contractor

Let's look at Daniel's trading history:
1. Adrian Gonzalez and Chris Young for a sack of nicked up marbles. FAIL

2. Texeira for Andrus, Harrison, Feliz, Great, but really doesn't signify anything, because Tex was in GREAT demand and Daniels had MULTIPLE great offers to pick from. Give him credit for picking a good one.

3. Clif Lee for Smoak. Very good

4. Dempster....not worth much

5 Garza...seemed right at the time but he stunk

6. Davis AND Hunter for Uehara. Probably one of the worst trades ever. Showalter gave Davis confidence. Washington could not. Tells you the difference in managers as well.

Mixed bag for Daniels, but retaining Washington after REPEATED strategic mistakes (Batting Young Cleanup in the 2011 World Series? PLEASE name one other baseball person on earth that makes that move) and teams and players choking down the stretch? He is not a manager of men, is not a leader, and a terrible strategist. If Daniels keeps him, he needs to go too. This team needs a leader and it starts with a great manager. Washington is NOT that man.

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