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In (minor) defense of the absent TCU fan

TCU stadiumAn unhappy TCU fan emailed me this photo of the crowd from the TCU win against Kansas on Saturday at Amon G Carter Stadium.

Even The Big Lead had fun with the embarrassing pictures from the game.

First reaction - pathetic. This is something out of the Pat Sullivan era when his 1-10 Horned Frogs battled New Mexico, or worse. This was homecoming. Why not just add High School Band Day, Give Tickets To the Homeless Day as well in an effort to reach the announced attendance of 41,000. 

Second reaction: Totally expected. The kickoff was the less-than-desirable 11 a.m., and it was the start time of Texas-Oklahoma. Plus, the opponent was NAIA Kansas.
The student body is small, as is the fan base. This is a numbers deal, and there are not enough bodies. TCU can't create enough T-shirt fans.

Third reaction: The weather bordered miserable. It was hot, and humid. People who are paying money to be entertained want to be comfortable if they are going to watch a bad, bad football game.

Fourth reaction: The parking lot is more fun than the game. This is going on everywhere at college campuses. The TVs are so sharp, and you can surf between plays. Throw in the chance to drink beer without the fear of being busted, plus eat off the grill, and this experience is far more fun than being cramped inside the stadium.
TCU has at least created a destination and a party place, which is a win. But we are seeing even being in the Big 12 can't fill up the place. 

People are upset, but considering the circumstances I can't blame anyone for bailing.

The pictures are still embarrassing, and you know head coach Gary Patterson has to be irate over this pattern. It's part of the deal at TCU, and a host of small private schools in BCS conferences (Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Baylor, etc.).

Don't worry - Texas comes to Fort Worth on Oct. 26. The place will be full then.

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Went to TCU and was at the game and you are absolutely dead on with your observations. The only thing I will add is that it is tremendously frustrating watching TCU play this year. The offence is awful and predictable. The defense is strong but is exhausted because the offence goes 3 and out more times than not. There were just better options this weekend.


I noticed the fan complaining took the picture from the few places with shade. They should be happy instead of complaining. Had Ponchos packed instead of sunscreen so I was one that left my 50yard seats to herd with the people in the standing room area for most of 2nd half. It was 5 deep everywhere. Will work great for those buying standing room tickets once we get a decent opponent or a kickoff time after breakfast.


Probably the best analysis on TCU football you've ever done.


I have been attending TCU Football Games since 2003. I was at the game Saturday and had to leave at halftime. Much too hot and humid....especially for parents with young children.
When the weather gets a little cooler and the games get a little more interesting the fans will come.


This is the Big 12. Pack the stadium. Even if they gave tickets to high school bands, wouldn't at least the concession stands have a good day? Small school, okay. That's a given. Some creative marketing could fix this.

Sam Bass

I love all the excuses by TCU fans!!

That crowd would absolutely embarrass a middle school team. What a clown show TCU is.

Michael Leshner II

As an alum, employee and season ticket holder I feel the players and coaches deserve much better than this apathetic fan showing.


Part of the problem is season ticketholders and scalpers. They bought up all those season tickets and along with the +4, seeing dollar signs selling the OU, Baylor, Tech, UT tickets. That's why all the empty seats. Boschini doesn't care if fans show up or not, he has his 40k season tickets sold. The rest of us who would love season tickets and would show up at every game can't get them because of the greed of the ones who won't show up except for the "name" opponents.

Michael Leshner II


I wish more people like you were able to get season tickets. My family of three attends the games and stays for the whole game regardless of the weather or opponent. TCU has come a long way and I wish more people were dedicated to supporting our Horned Frogs. I know the empty seats looks really bad from a national perspective and just supports the notion that we do not support our team.

Randall Mulry

I was there. What the picture doesn't show is the thousands of people standing in the shade on the concourse al around the stadium watching the game because it was so hot in the seats.

Orange Frog

Um. Come on everyone know that the stands were empty because Charlie Weis was eating them during commercial break... decided [buffet] schematic advantage


What small private schools outside of USC or Notre Dame don't have attendance issues? TCU is right in line with top ten Stanford as well as Baylor, Vanderbilt and BC.


Now I remember why TCU was originally NOT invited to the Big 12...


What about blaming Del Conte for screwing up the season tickets?

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