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It's true - the Dallas Mavericks actually had a GM

Pg+19-A-Rosas,+GerssonDALLAS, Texas - Less than 24 hours before the Dallas Mavericks began their regular season against the Atlanta Hawks (yes, Atlanta still has a team), it's general manager resigned.

Less than 10 hours before the Dallas Mavericks began their regular season against the Atlanta Hawks (yes, Atlanta still has a team), its players had no clue.

"What just happened? I didn't even know," veteran forward Shawn Marion told us media hacks on Wednesday morning.

A little bit later, Dirk Nowitzki Tweeted: "Donde esta Gersson?”

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle was a bit more tuned into this massive story.

"Things didn't work out, beyond that I don't have any details," Carlisle said. "It happened. He'll move on and we'll move on.

I am wondering if any of these guys even knew who Gersson Rosas was, or even cared.

Rosas, who was hired away from the Houston Rockets a few months ago, left the Mavs because he learned what just about everyone knoes - he was never going to have any real power. The power with the Dallas Mavericks is with team owner Mark Cuban, president Donnie Nelson, Dirk, and that's just about it.

Was Gersson Rosas going to over rule Dirk? Hell no. 

Rosas was given a pretty, shiny title of general manager of an NBA team. That's an attractive position. He was going to be the new Mavs guy to lean on data, stats - or the Moneyball approach that is sweeping basketball. That's great, until he saw that the normal powers of a GM do not exist with the Mavericks because the team president and owner take care of those GM responsibilities.

Then Rosas experienced the same thing millions of us learn about their own job - they lied to him to get him to take the gig. Once he figured out the score, he was gone.

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Mark Cuban said as much in an interview a few months ago on "Bad Radio" after Rosas was originally hired. He was going to be their numbers guy, and change the way stats and trends were used in the NBA. The Mavs were going to be on the cutting edge on the use of basketball data with Rosas as GM. Cuban sounded very passionate about this idea, so don't be surprised if another nerdy type isn't hired for this purpose, however, it might not carry the title of GM this time.

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