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Johnny Football is Johnny Told Ya So should be Johnny Heisman II

For those who were convinced Johnny Manziel's high profile partying, court side seats, alleged autograph shows, online classes and late night talk show appearances were going to derail his sophomore season - congratulations. You bought stupid, too.

Don't worry. This includes smart people, such as the SEC coaches who voted the defending Heisman winner to the second-team all-SEC preseason team behind Aaron Murray.

Johnny-FootballIn his second year at Texas A&M on the football field, Johnny Football can still do whatever he wants because is the best player in college football. Party it up, son. This will be the greatest time of your life. No one can touch this guy, either on the football field or off the football field.

Heisman trophy voters will never do this, but Johnny Football is the best player in the nation's best conference and should win the award for a second consecutive year. The next best thing is Oregon's Marcus Mariota. Right now, a vote for either is justifiable but Mr. Football makes more sense because he plays in the SEC.

Who cares if you don't like his lifestyle? He's better than anybody else, and as long as that remains the rest does not matter.

Only because he is not running as frequently, Manziel is having a better season in 2013 than he did in 2012. The Aggies rank 7th in the nation, and should be 9-1 when they play at LSU and at Missouri to end the season.

2013: He is completing 73.2 percent of his passes, 14 TD passes, 5 Int. QB rating 179.5. Sacked 5 times
If his numbers hold, he should throw for around 3,700 yards with 28 touchdown passes and run for an additional 10 more scores. Remember, he did not play in the first half against Rice in the season opener. 

There is no player any more fun to watch - either on or off the field - than Johnny Football. Right now, he should win another Heisman.

That autograph will be worth a fortune (cash only, please).

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Hate to say this but... when he plays in the NFL, fantasy football servers will crash

pink birthday cake

what's not to love (and hate) about this kid. he is a player; on the field and off it. I love him. he has been great for the Heisman. who cares about the crappy award. johnny football has made it interesting. I hope he wins it again. he is a moron. and yes, he is having the time of his life. I say, live it up. party hard. and for us sitting at home watching, enjoy the craziness and have some fun

Denver Roofers

Joe Namath is probably on Johnny's speed dial. Namath made a fortune off the field endorsing products and Manziel seems determined to follow suit. More power to him. I hear he is from a rich family anyway, so he is not too worried about what anybody else thinks of him. Go kid, live life to the fullest. If you fail in the NFL, you always got a job with Denver's best roofing company lol.

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