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Local UFC fighter gets lesson from Tyson on how to beat GSP

IMG_2977PANTEGO, Texas - The first thing Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks did after completing his workout on Monday afternoon was to grab an empty Starbucks paper cup, and promptly load his lower up with Copenhagen. This is yet another reminder that even pro athletes have many "screw it" vices that are counter to being in peak physical condition.

Here you can see Bigg Rigg after his workout today "firing up".

On Saturday, November 16 Hendricks gets his shot at the title when he will fight the UFC Welterweight champion, Mr. Georges St. Pierre in UFC 167 in Las Vegas, and on PPV - click here for the link. This has the makings of the best UFC fight of 2013.

Hendricks, who is from North Texas and wrestled at Oklahoma State, has been climbing the UFC ladder in an attempt at one of UFC's biggest names. Hendricks' last two wins - versus Martin Kampmann and Carlos Condit - put him here. Bigg Rigg is 15-1-0; GSP is 24-2-0, and arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter active.

Hendricks is in fantastic shape, and has the looks and sounds of a hungry fighter who is ready to chew through a wall for this belt.

This picture of GSP is on the wall at Hendricks' home workout facility in Pantego, Texas. Kinda like when Rocky put that B&W newspaper picture of Ivan Drago at his workout cabin in Russia.

IMG_2946To beat the unbeatable, Hendricks fell into the rare opportunity to talk to a real GOAT, Mike Tyson. The two were filming an episode of Being Mike Tyson, which airs on Fox Sports 1.

"He told me a couple of things he used to do," Hendricks said.

The obvious line is that Tyson told Hendricks to bite off GSP's ear. Apparently not.

"It was like an hour session with him for the show," Hendricks said. "He told me a couple of things that really helped me out. And made me a better boxer. The gist is that you can always hit the guy with the kitchen sink, and he may not go down. But it's not the first shot that always kills him. It's the second shot. The second shot, that's what I am looking for."

If anyone can defeat GSP, it's Bigg Rigg. He's a natural wrestler with a powerful punch. 

Here is some video of Bigg Rigg training on Monday at his home gym.

His workout consists of six rounds of six different workout stations at :30 seconds each. I could have done seven but I saw no reason to embarrass him so close to his big fight.



IMG_2947If you are a Bigg Rigg fan, do yourself a favor and grab this T-shirt before his fight: You can find Johny stuff at


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