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London looks like it will bag the Cowboys

Kelsi-Reich-David-Nelson-Girlfriend-2Jerry Jones was never going to give up a home game to London, but the NFL easily found a way around that - play the Jaguars in "Jacksonville".

The NFL's worst team, which has agreed to play a home game in London over the next four seasons, looks like it will play America's Team across the pond next year at Wembley Stadium; click here for the report.

Because the Cowboys remain one of the most popular teams in the NFL, the league has been itching to put this team in this game overseas. But Jerry has made it no secret he was not going to give up one of his eight home regular season games to appease the National Football League.

The three division opponents - New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins - were not about to play a game of this magnitude anywhere other than their home stadium. That left the remaining opponents to give up a precious home game against the big-draw Cowboys. Most teams don't want to give up a chance to host the Cowboys, and the guarantee of a big ticket draw.

The NFL apparently found a sucker in the Jaguars, where the Cowboys last played in 2006 to a less-than-sold out stadium. Drew Bledsoe was the quarterback; the Cowboys lost 24-17.

And you can bet just because the Cowboys will be the road team wearing away uniforms the cheerleaders will be joining the party game.

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