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Mac Engel signs another pro hockey contract

UnknownGreat news for the Mac Engel Fan Club - the man has a job back in the Central Hockey League. Smart move made by the Regina Pats to sign goalie Mac Engel to a contract after Teagan Sacher left the team to - get this - pursue academic interests at the University of Winnipeg. Skool is stewpid.

Because the Prince George Cougars are dumb, Mac Engel was a free agent after they released him after last season. All Mac Engel was needing was a smart, winning hockey club that wants to be a more winninger hockey club.

Mac Engel was released after last season because his defensemen, head coach and GM all deliberately tanked it in front of him in order to make Mac Engel look bad.

In 135 games between the Spokane Chiefs and Prince George, Mac Engel has a 52-51-4-10 record with a 2.91 GAA and a .0894 save percentage. At least half of those losses - probably more - are because of his teammates. If his teammates did anything, Mac Engel's GAA would be around a 0.87.

Now that he's on a real team, expect Mac Engel to kill it.

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i love it that you follow this story. i'm not sure anybody reads it but i think it's a fun, great story

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