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One of the Cowboys best draft picks ever is finally cut

This shows you how dumb/unrealistic the Dallas Cowboys were about defensive lineman Jay Ratliff and his recovery from injury - they decided to cut him today. The team has announced that the veteran defensive lineman from Auburn who has not played this season, and what feels like the last four years, has been released.

He had been on the physically unable to perform list and today failed a physical. Real shock.

091030ratliff450Why in God's name did this team wait this long to release a guy the rest of the world knew was finished last season? He should never have been put on this roster heading into 2013 training camp after a variety of injuries sustained last season turned him into a bag of washed up.

So this means that the three players the team was building its defensive front around - DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Jay Ratliff - are out for Sunday's game in Philadelphia. Spencer and Ratliff are gone for the year. Ware is a supposedly a three to five game deal with a quad injury.

Whatever you think of the Cowboys' decision to wait this long to cut the mercurial Ratliff, it is hard to debate that when he was right he was one of this team's best ever draft picks. Ratliff was a seventh-round pick out of Auburn in the 2005 draft. When the Cowboys moved him from defensive end to nose tackle early in the 2007 season in an emergency to take the place of the injured Jason Ferguson did Ratliff take off.

RatliffHe was a four-time Pro Bowler and was a first-team all-Pro. Between 2006 and 2011, he was arguably the best at his position in the league. He was a combination of superior strength, a relentless motor and one of the nastiest tempers to make a player that was too much to handle for interior centers and guards. 

His temper was legendary, and he could project an intensity that was not comfortable. His near physical altercation with ESPN Dallas reporter Calvin Watkins on Dec. 15, 2011 became an "instant classic". What few people saw was that Ratliff could be polite, well spoken, bright, and had a serious joker streak. When he was in the right mood, he could tease anyone. 

His run ended last year when injuries limited him to just six games. He reportedly had a phsyical blowup with his boss, team owner Jerry Jones, and Ratliff was later arrested for driving under the influence.

Basically, he was done. He just didn't know it, and apparently neither did the Cowboys. Now we all do. A bad way to end what was a highly efficient career for a seventh round pick.


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About what we come to expect from our GM, what's his name....Jerry Jones and a lobster have a lot in common. They both know the same about running an NFL roster. Both are also in hot water, especially Jones with the press and fans for continuing to run America's Team into the ground.

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