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Paul Rhoads' rant evokes memories of Mark Mangino circa 2004 for Texas

Mack brown and paul rhodes_1380845321223_3341018_ver1.0_640_480He may be a bit biased, but former Texas A&M athletic director Bill Bryne Tweeted it best on Thursday night: "Watched it happen too many times. When tu needs a call, they get it. Clearly a fumble. Call goes for tu"

He later Tweeted: "Wow, seems I must have irritated some of my friends from the state capital."

The record shows that The University of Texas-Austin defeated Iowa State on Thursday night in Ames, 31-30. And Texas is leading the Big 12 with a 2-0 record (Mack Brown extension? Hello?)

But beneath that record we all know the truth - UT barely won, and possibly did not deserve to win. A Hail Mary to score a TD at the end of the first half, and a fumble that was a fumble that wasn't a fumble at the 1-yard line on UT's game-winning drive with one minute remaining. Johnathan Gray's fumble at the 1 was a fumble, the whistle did not blow, his feet were still grinding, and he was stripped by an ISU defender that would have effectively ended the game.

Watch it here:


ISU coach Paul Rhoads popped off after the game about the call.


The play was close, and you would think a little home cooking would be in order. But these things happen when you play Texas. And you're team is in the Big 12 North.

In November of 2004, a bad Kansas team was leading a Vince Young-Texas team in the fourth quarter in Lawrence. KU completed a third down pass to receiver Charles Gordon, but he was penalized on a debatable offensive pass interference call on a drive that would have killed the clock. KU had to punt, VY led the comeback win in the final minute.
KU coach Mark Mangino went bat poop crazy, and sounded like the irrational, reactionary baby that he was.


The difference is the UT team that defeated Kansas in 2004 was asleep.
The UT team that defeated Iowa State on Thursday night is doing everything it could, barely won, and needed some help to do so. 



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horns down

this is typical and really old news. texas has been getting the calls for years. everybody who plays them knows they make tons of money, have a huge fan base, and as a result get the calls. it's a total joke. it makes me sick. those kids played their guts out. let's hope some other team blows this crappy texas team out of the water. i'm ready for mack brown to move on.




I saw all three tapes and there are three unmistakable conclusions that I have reached:

1) Iowa State got screwed out of a big home win against Texas.
2) Paul Rhoads had every right to flip out and express his anger at the bad officiating.
3) Mark Mangino was calmer about it than Rhoads was in his rant.

a beautiful mind

Say what you want. I miss Mangino. He was a good coach for us back then. He had some great mentors and is a good coach today. I hope he gets back to big time college football.

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