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RGIII is full of it, & believes Art Briles is trying to make a point

Robert-Griffin-III-wins-Heisman-Trophy-VIMPJOA-x-largeThe good people at Baylor arranged for its most famous alum - Washington Politically Incorrect Nickname quarterback Robert Griffin III - for a quick teleconference this morning to talk Baylor Bears football.

RGIII is a lot like the rest of us (only a much better quarterback) - he is impressed at the success of his Bears this season. It is indeed a good time to be a Baptist. Baylor is 6-0, 3-0 in the Big 12, No. 8 in the BCS poll and No. 6 in the AP Poll.

Three things from Mr. Griffin III to note:


1. RGIII is full of it when talking about playing Kansas, regardless of his personal history there.
Baylor plays at Kansas on Saturday. The charitable people of Las Vegas have the Bears as a 34.5 point favorite over the mighty Jayhawks; seems a bit low.

The last time Baylor played at Kansas was Nov. 12, 2011 when the Bears had to rally for a last-minute 31-30 win in OT against yet another bad Jayhawks team. Baylor scored three fourth quarter TDs to force OT. It was Baylor's first conference win in more than a year.

"You can't fall asleep at a place like Kansas," RGIII said. "It's a tough place to play."

He's wrong. Baylor was dead asleep that game and still won. Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas is the easiest place in the world to play as a visitor.  

Baylors-Griffin-looks-like-Heisman-favorite-N7MGP69-x-large2. Baylor can sleep against Kansas because unlike RGIII's last team this team has a defense.
RGIII and his former teammates have noticed this Baylor team can defend it a little bit better. 
"Uhhh ... yeah me and (former Baylor WR) Kendal Wright and other former Baylor players talk about it - their defense is much; we could be bitter or jealous but at the end of the day we're happy for them," RGIII said. "By the time we left the depth was there. The depth is there on defense compared to when I got there as a freshman."

3. Baylor is scoring points with a purpose.
Put it this way - a lot of parents may be tempted to write a nasty letter to Baylor about bullying.
The Bears average an NCAA-best 64.7 points per game.
RGIII believes that unlike his better teams that could score and score, Briles tapped the brakes for a reason. He has not this season.
"Let's just say Coach (Art Briles) wasn't doing that when we were there," RGIII said. "He wouldn't let us score 70. It's not to embarrass teams. It's to improve their own standing."

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Mac - You are right, Art Briles has NOT been TAPPING the brakes - he's been STANDING ON them during the second half of games. Before the K-State game, Baylor's starters had played a grand total of 2 (Two. TWO!) series during the second half of football games this season. We could have EASILY scored 100 points if we wanted to "make a point." That comment on your part has no basis in reality.

We v. Them

@Baylor Fight: We? You're on the team? Which position do you play? Or coaching staff? Which position do you coach?

Or are you just another Sideline Suzie confused about your role on the team, and who's 'we' and who's 'them'?

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