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Since the Dallas Cowboys can't add Lombardi Trophies, they add modern art

Photo-20ARLINGTON, Texas - Who cares if the Dallas Cowboys are a .500 football team since 1997 - there are far greater concerns for a football team that winning stupid football games. Like, say, modern art.

A Cowboys Hall of Fame? That has no place at a football stadium.

Because the team can't win, the Cowboys have done a wonderful job of installing plenty of distractions from enhanced cleavage to drink specials to a wide array of art to focus on things other than football. Click here to find out more information about the art work at Jerry's Place, which actually is quite impressive.

When I go to a football game, I want the stadium designed by Louis Kahn and the chance to see a couple of Renoirs and Monets. At least two per artist.

Walking into east entrance at JerryWorld on Sunday night I was able to view the latest masterpiece to the large Cowboys Stadium AT&T Stadium collection - this giant mirror thingy on top of water. It's called - Ode to Misplaced Priorities. 

Photo-19Actually, it's called "Sky Mirror" and at $10 million it is an amazing piece of work that if you are in the area you need to check out.





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