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Story time: Former Randy Galloway colleagues remember

BzmgP.St.58After a couple of decades worth of sports talk radio in Dallas-Fort Worth, radio sports talk man Randy Galloway's last show will be Monday on ESPN 103.3 FM. The veteran Star-Telegram columnist told Robert Philpot that Monday is the final show. He was going to wait 'til the end of the year, but Monday is it.

ESPN 103.3 FM will fill the show, obviously, but his absence is unfillable. This is an impossible replacement, if for no other reason he made everyone on his show sound better, and relevant. God knows he did that for me.

There will be a flood of stories from people who worked with Randy this weekend, and in the coming months.

There are so many ... here are a couple:

Brian Estridge, the voice of TCU and co-host of the morning show on 820 AM WBAP, co-hosted with Randy Galloway on ESPN 103.3 for a few years. 

He was with Randy the day former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Quincy Carter was in jail, and could not get out.

"An Irving PD guy called Randy and said he couldn't make bail. That no one had come to get him out," Estridge said. "Randy genuinely felt bad for the guy. He really did. He bailed him out because he felt bad for Quincy. This was not a gag."

Estridge said of Randy: "Before I worked with him, I really didn't know how to prepare for a show. He would prepare for three hours for a three hour show. He would write out his opening monologue on a piece of paper that I could not read.

"He was in a meeting one time, and the show was about to start, and I thought I'll just read what he wrote. I looked at it, and I could not make out a single word.

"The other thing I saw that he did was that he would not run from anybody. If he ripped a guy in his column, he wanted to get him on the air the next day."

One of Galloway's long-time producers, Chris "Mother" Garcia, was with him when he did "Sports At Six" on WBAP and then moved over to ESPN.

"He typed out his monologue on an old type writer. Whatever school taught him how to type ought to be closed down. You could not read it. The only person who could read it was him."

"We were in Wichita Falls when Dave Campo was the head coach of the Cowboys and they did their training camp there. He was on the mic', and there were Miller Lite cans on the table. He motioned to Dave if he wanted one, and Dave shook his head. We were on the air. Randy opens the can into the mic' to make sure you could hear it, and throughout the interview you could hear him take a sip."

There are other stories, to be sure, and only a small number of them are not fit to print ... actually, that's a lie. A great many of them are not fit for publications that include the Internet.

More stories are coming.

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larry slatter

I remember randy as a person who always answered my emails with thoughtful replies.............I don't do twitter(I'm as old as he is), so I miss communicating with him..........enjoy your extra time, randy

Kelly K.

I love me some mr. randy. He always puts on a good show.

randy love

Galloway has a great show. He is a wonderful guy and perfect at what he does. Never takes himself too serious, always funny, and frequently something insightful. I'll miss tuning into his show.


I started listening to Randy when he first signed on at BAP. In the wintertime the signal could be heard about anywhere in the US. Was classic radio. Buddy I am sure going to miss you being on every afternoon. I reckon I will wait until at least noon today but I am gonna crack open some Miller Lite in your honor.

Jesse K.

I have been a regular Galloway listener since he started at WBAP (I was in Jr. High School at the time). Life just isn't going to be the same without hearing his voice every afternoon. Best of luck and God bless, Mr. Galloway.

Wes Moore

I grew up in Dallas and still love all the local teams. Although I've been away for 35 years, I try to catch a weeks worth of Ranger games every May, and an occasional Cowboy game. Whenever my schedule allows, I also try to tune in to Mr. Galloway via the Internet. He's kept me informed and entertained for several years, and I'm definitely going to miss him. Selfishly, I wish he would stay on the air, but I'm happy for him and I hope he has many great years at the track and watching his granddaughter play golf.
Happy Trails my friend, and thanks for memories!


I will geneuinely miss listening to Randy Galloway. He was the reason I listened to 103.3 FM in the afternoon. He is so funny and his talent will be missed on the airways. I hope he will still continue at the Fort Worth Star Telegram.


The first time I heard Randy I was still living in Wichita, KS and he was a guest talking about Deion Sanders on Dan Patricks ESPN show back in 98 or 99. He kept talking about nine toes this and Dionysius that. He sounded like a crazy homeless person. Then I moved here a few years later. I finally got it. I will miss Randy Galloway. He is the last of a dying breed.


I was fortunate to work with Mr. Randy when he first moved over to ESPN. One story in particular was the first time Alex Rodriguez came back to Texas after being traded to the Yankees. We were broadcasting from the corner room in the press box at The Ballpark. It was the same weekend as the Masters and Mr. Randy wanted it on the 10" TV we had in the press box (which was showing the pregame TWIB that was also on the jumbotron). So, I went to the two older gentlemen working in the press box and ask them to change one of the channels and was shot down saying "Once they are set, we do not change them without act of God." I walk back and turn to then co-host, Bill Stinneford to let him know the bad news. Without me saying anything, he says "Tell them Mr. Randy is asking."

I walk back and relay that message to the gentlemen. The reaction was "Mr. Galloway?! Why didn't you say so?" Within minutes the TV was changed and 3 cold Miller Lites showed up mysteriously.

Not the best Galloway story, but my favorite.

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