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TCU's football truth is offensive

Some of the good people in and around Fort Worth and TCU Horned Frog nation are beginning to think Gary Patterson maybe isn't much of a ball coach any more. He knew this would happen.

Seems he has come down with a case of the stupids ... In TCU's last 14 games against "big boy" teams, they have six wins. Two of those are against SMU. I'm not counting SE Louisiana, for obvious reasons. Now he suddenly "can't coach", and is in over his head.

This is Frog flop.

Hi-res-6642314_display_imageLosing games was always going to happen when TCU joined the Big 12. Both fans, and media, were in denial that TCU was ready to win this conference this early into its time in this league. These transitions take time.

Much like when Gary's better teams were in the midst of climbing up Conference USA and the Mountain West, he has a defense good enough to compete. TCU's defense ranks fourth in the Big 12, and it is likely better than a Baylor defense that ranks second but has played nobody.

It was not until the caliber of the offense matched his defense under Gary at TCU did the whole team take off, and reach the Fiesta and Rose Bowls. The difference was when TCU was playing New Mexico, Utah, BYU and other MWC schools he could get away with a bus driving quarterback and a pedestrian offense.

Currently its rushing offense ranks ninth in the league, 10th in passing, and last overall. Other than that ...

TCU can stop Big 12 teams, but it can no longer expect to win if its offense can't remain on the field. How TCU ranks fourth in the league in time of possession is a crop-circle mystery.

Patterson does not have an accurate quarterback in Trevone Boykin, but his offensive line is still too young and weak not to need his footwork to escape trouble. The wide receivers have been a giant disappointment. No matter what TCU does this Saturday in Fort Worth against a wretched Kansas team it will not disguise those truths. The Frogs are 25-point favorites against the NAIA Jayhawks.

The out-clause to all of this is the injury to starting quarterback Casey Pachall, who has been out since since the second game of the season with a busted left forearm. The truth is we think he would be better than Boykin, but we don't know. He had never faced Big 12 opponents, and behind this offensive line he may not have had the time to complete passes.

It is hard to envision a TCU defense under Gary Patterson ever tanking.
It is impossible to evision TCU winning big if its offense doesn't come close to its defense.
It is unfathomable to believe Gary Patterson is a bad coach.  

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TCU was not ready for the Big 12....the record tells the story...


No team with MWC players could have been "ready" in year one. But they were as ready as they could have been. Last 3 years in the MWC they were 8-0, 8-0, and 7-0. Tough to improve upon that.


The second guessing of Gary Patterson by TCU fans make me sick. All of a sudden he can't coach. What a joke they are. They need to go back to the Mountain West. TCU fans can't stand the heat!




I feel if TCU's line can be more aggressive...every thing will work a lot better.


Playing MWC teams is not impressive...bottom line is TCU has been humbled.


I think Patterson is a great coach but I have noticed that he hasnt tied his shoes as often. That could be what is causing this string of bad luck. Jk
Actually, I think the team lacks confidence. They seem to play sluggish and afraid the first half of every game. It takes a ripping from Coach during half time for them to come out and play but by that time its too late.
They will improve.
Go Frogs!

Sam Bass

TCU is 5-9 in their last 14 games. good job big 12, good job.

Wilhelm MacIntosh

Gary Patterson is nothing more than a low rate HS Coach. All his herky jerky crazy movements, waddling around the side line, tieing his shoes, and hundreds of other annoying habits just make him look so unprofessional. Just look at the coaches in the SEC none of them act like this. THey act like professional coaches not wannabees. TCU is just a joke now with him as coach , guffy ass uniforms and losing record.

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