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The Mavs guard you should be excited about

DALLAS, Texas - Of the 64 players the Dallas Mavericks signed in the offseason (figure approximate), the one who generated the most buzz will not make the biggest impact on this team. That is unless shooting guard Monta Ellis' shot selection is so poor that he and head coach Rick Carlisle agree to can't stand the other; very much a possibility.

Of the many areas the Mavs struggled last season the one that was the most glaring was a lack of center, but point guard should be a solid 1A. Adding Jose Calderon fixes that. The Spainard can play. 

095e4113-3a25-4aef-a22e-3a38087714a1news.ap.org_r620x349"Ball security, recognition, defense, play making ... you name it we have to be better," Mavs cocach Rick Carlisle told me when I asked what specific areas the team had to be better at point guard. "It's a little bit of everything. Timing of geting into offense, making the right pass, the right time on target. Its a wide array of things. We are more experienced this year with Calderon; we'll be better. We're going to have some really good options."

Correction - Calderon is a good option. He is waaaay better than the other point guards - Wayne Ellington, Shane Larkin, Gal Mekel, Devin Harris - on this roster.

Unlike last season when the team's best point guard was Vince Carter, with Calderon on the floor the Mavs will at least be able to get into their offense, get the ball in bounds off the sidelines and a few other things that this team struggled with so much last season. Calderon is steady, solid and consistent with the ability to get the ball into Dirk Nowitzki's hands where he wants it.

In the Mavs' preseason loss against the Houston Rockets on Monday night, Calderon scored 14 points on 6-of-10 shooting with only three assists but 0 turnovers. He's an 7 or 8 assist guy per night with less than two turnovers. That's his game. That's what the Mavs need.

Calderon won't fix the other problems on this team - no scoring presence inside, not athletic enough - but Calderon solves the point guard problem.

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