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The odd: People rallying to save a billion dollar company

FORT WORTH, Texas - Even if you are unfamiliar with this particular location - a nice, upscale shopping area in Fort Worth near TCU - the details of this particular story are rather ... amazing. This is an era where all things corporate are evil, and we should all be united to root out the devil companies that over-charge us on "convenience" fees.

IMG_2682Monster companies such as Barnes & Noble, a book chain that destoyed all other book stores over the past decade. Now, because the Internet is eating up B&N the way it did to Borders, B Dalton and others, this former giant is struggling. B&N is trading for $13.04 - down from $17.50 in July.

BTW - France is actually trying to protect its bookstores by taking action against B&N killer Amazon.

There are people who may be anti-big business but who don't want to see their favorite B&N go away.

At University Park Village for the second-time in three years the landlords of this strip center are threatening to make B&N disappear. As has been written in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, they want to cut up the space into four areas and - here's a first - charge higher rent to smaller shops.

Click here for the University Park Village website.

The good people who live in and around this area are none too pleased. Although a part of a monster national chain, people are fighting to save a store that has become an anchor in this neighborhood. A B&N is the last place where people can meet, browse books, magazines, to bring their kids to kill an hour or two. 

People are organizing to help save this billion-dollar company, as are the store's workers. Store employees are asking people to lobby the realtors to change their mind on this decision, cut B&N a break and let them stay and protect their neighborhood book store. B&N employees at the store are handing out information to contact the company to voice your displeasure at this decision.

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