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Things change: Casey Pachall will play for TCU vs. Texas

FORT WORTH, Texas - Long story, but what you want to know is that TCU will play quarterback Casey Pachall against Texas on Saturday in Fort Worth, head coach Gary Patterson said. Pachall will not start, but he will play.

And he is going to play. Trevone Boykin will start, and the moment he struggles Pachall is going back into the game. Whether his offensive line will give him time to complete a few throws, however, is another matter.

Patterson needs something to get the Big 12's second-least good offense doing something and Pachall is going to get his shot. With a load of receivers who have disappointed and an offensive line that is not good enough, Pachall may not be able to be a savior. He was named the preseason all-conference first team quarterback, but there is only so much he can do.

If he doesn't have time to breathe, it won't much matter. If his receivers run the wrong routes, it won't much matter. If his receivers drop passes, it won't much matter. But Patterson has to try.

1420110917195527003_t607Pachall suffered a broken left forearm against on Sept. 7 against Southeastern Louisiana. He suffered three fractures on the play. Pachall had originally been slated to return for the game against West Virginia on Nov. 2.

Doctors cleared Pachall when tests revealed the third and final fracture had healed. 

Now ... for the billions who read this blog or my fine work, on Oct. 16 I wrote that if Pachall was cleared he would play at Oklahoma State, and then start against Texas.

It was based on the optimism expressed by Patterson that had Pachall been cleared last week, he would play at Oklahoma State. I figured if he played against OSU, he would start against Texas. That's usually how these things progress.
But doctors did not clear Pachall last week because the fracture had not fully healed.

When Patterson met with the media on Tuesday he said, "We're not where we need to be right yet" in regards to Pachall's injury. 

The man was playing possum and being coy in an effort not to tip his hand to Texas as the Longhorns prepared for the game. Casey has been cleared, he practiced with the team this week and now he has the chance to change the ending to his time at TCU.

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The Reality

TCU fans will be out in force Saturday. We all know the potential of this TCU team. However, Pachall won't make a difference if the play of the center and OL doesn't play to it's potential and improve from weeks past. In my opinion though this team and OL will rise to the occasion, grab the moment, and take the W. TCU will make Mack Brown retire, meaning after the loss to TCU UT will move to get a new coach. UT fans are looking for a reason and this will give UT all the ammo it needs. A win/win for all. Go Frogs!

Rob Tentoy

Looks like I'll be rooting for the UT defense part of the time.

Runner Runner

Pachall was a promising young talent. Something has happened to him. Don't ask me what it is but he just isn't the same guy. I wish him well but I don't expect much from the guy at this point.

Cowtown UT Fan

Empty stadium? Help is on the way - loads of TEXAS ORANGE will be taking over this fair weathered arena!


Why wasn't Pachall excommunicated like Tanner Brock?

TCU should excommunicate whoever decided to demolish a beautiful 6 year old chapel building (the Fisher-More chapel) to put up a parking lot.

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