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Uncomfortable questions with ... Cowboys receiver Cole "Welker Amendola" Beasley

Nfl_cowboys_61IRVING, Texas - Cole Beasley looks less impressive in person than he does in real life. The Dallas Cowboys depth chart lists the second-year wide receiver from SMU as 5-foot-8, 180 pounds. Call bull stuff on that - go with 5-foot-4, 135.

What we do not know for sure is whether he is actually in the eighth grade. What we do know for sure is that he's a little white dude who catches football passes on the football field. He has 12 catches for 114 yards with one touchdown this season. He has little, slot/gnat written all over him.

He is white. He is short. He is a wide receiver. He must be Wes Welker. 

How often are you confused for Danny Amendola or Wes Welker? All the time.

Are they your role models: I watched more Welker growing up. I guess because he had more success.

Why are less-tall white wide receivers compared only to less-tall white wide receivers: That's what I meant when I got to the Cowboys that I said I was better than Wes Welker and all that bull; it doesn't matter because you compare every short receiver to every short receiver. I could play like Steve Smith and they would say I'm Wes Welker.

Are you closer to Wes or Steve: Wes Welker. There are some people that are compared to him that aren't. But because they are undersized they get that comparison. It's the easiest thing to do.

UnknownYou are sentenced to death - what is your final meal: A steak from, what is that restaurant? It's in Las Colinas.

Wendy's: No, not Wendy's. The Ranch Steakhouse. A huge ribeye with mac 'n' cheese.

Where is your happy place: I would say on a football field, but probably a basketball court. When it's not football season I'm playing basketball. 

Because you're short and white do they think you can't play: They know me now but at first when I would go to the places where I'd play I'm sure they thought that.

Have you played basketball with Tony Romo: No. 

He's good: I've heard he's good.

KobeBryantGoesOffAfterLOSSToClevelandTheyReallyFckingWithMyShtIf you could meet one pro athlete who would it be: Kobe Bryant for sure. He's my favorite player. 

Lakers fan then? A fan of his so I'm a fan of his. If I had to pick any team it's the Rockets because I'm from Humble, Texas.

When people meet you are they surprised you are an NFL player: Well, I don't just go up to people and say I play for the Cowboys.

Well, no, but when they learn that: Sure. They are surprised because I'm so small. If I told a random person they would think it's BS. I've been looked down on like that since I was in high school. Like my best buddies would say, 'I can't believe you're the football player and I'm way bigger than you.'

Ever cried during a movie: Oh yeah. I love movies. 

Which movie: Oh, I don't know.

It's OK - no one is going to read this: Really, I don't know but a bunch. I love movies.

Rambo or The Terminator: No.

Great_gatsbyTerms of Endearment; really sad when she dies at the end: No, never seen that. Oh, what was the recent movie with Leonardo DiCaprio?

The Departed: No, man. Great Gatsby - that was so sad.

Favorite movie: White Men Can't Jump. Just because I can relate.


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Pony Power

I love this guy. Great article.

Now, let's go beat Philly!


That was a fun read.



glueten free

SMU hasn't been hip in years but I had the good fortune to see Cole light them up at SMU. He was fun to watch. Great hands and runs a great route. I never thought he would make a pro receiver but I'm happy for him. I hope he makes it in the league a while. He if a great guy and fun to watch.


Amazing questions. Primarily focusing on Beasley's race. Just brilliant!!!

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