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Uncomfortable questions with ... Cowboys safety Danny McCray

Nfl_cowboys_19IRVING, Texas - Born in Houston and an alum of The Louisiana State University (LSU), Danny McCray has stuck on the Dallas Cowboys despite the fact he was undrafted in 2010. That's not easy.

He's played in 51 games in three-plus seasons, and is one of those guys you root for. He's a good dude. He was nice enough to field some Uncomfortable Questions, too.

How long you been doing your hair like that?  About five years.

Why do dreads? I had braids before, so it was go short hair or keep my hair. I had had it for a long time and I had hard time letting it go.

Is it a pain to take care of? To dry sometimes, yeah. Sometimes you get a blow dryer. Most of the time I sit under a dryer where I get it re-done.

How much is it? Like $70. But it's once a month. I get a shampoo, wash and I get eveyrthing lined up.

Did you ever see the Chris Rock movie about African American women and how much they do for their hair; is it the same thing?
Yeah, but from the male perspective.  

What about a weave? No, just a hat.

MassageWhere are you happiest? When I get my massage on Fridays. They dim the lights, they turn on ocean sounds and I fall asleep.

Did you think when you were a kid you would drop $150 on a massage? I never thought I'd make $150 when I was a kid. I thought $20 was being rich.

What is your execution meal? Turkey necks, rice and gravy, corn, mac and cheese and maybe some greens in there.

Worst lie you have told a girl to get out of a date or anything? Uhh ... my mom is coming to town. Mom gets all my time.

Favorite movie? Chucky

King_kong_picEver cry in a movie? No, came close a couple of times. Like in King Kong, how they made him leave him and they shot him up. I knew it was going to happen but it still got to me. That's why I don't have animals. I don't like to see animals die. I don't want my own animal to die, so I don't get one.

What is it about us white people that you, Danny, understand the least? I would say based off movies and current events, I don't understand the need for danger.

Like jump out of a plane? I'd think about doing that. But with no trained person attached, why would you do that? Or the guy who walked over the Grand Canyon, why would you do that? You rarely see African American people do things like that.

What do you spend money on? Electronics. Phones. I bought the new iPhone and two new Galaxy phones just to see which one was better.

Iphone_5_001Did you return them? I gave my mom the iPhone. I kept the other two.

Hunt or fish? No. Get sea sick. Flying on planes. Every flight we take. I don't throw up, but I start sweating and get dizzy. Riding back in the cab, or a small car, I get sick. So I ride in the front. 

So in a cab you ride in the front? No, I get an SUV.

How do you save your money? I'm not frugal; I buy the things I want. I don't like jewelry, but I buy phones. I don't have a $5,000 watch or anything.

If you got a big contract, what do you want? My mom wants a vehicle; she has seen my go through three of them and she really wants one.

Three? That's a waste. How? I just have one. I trade them in.

But you should buy one and drive it into the ground? What did I just say? I said I've got three cars. I trade them in. Three in four years. 

How many miles when you trade them in? Depends. Maybe like 10,000.

Thats' terrible.

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Hey, Engel: What's with the constant black/white angle in these questions?

That's tired, man. And not interesting.

Daniel Boone

I have never laughed so hard. GREAT INTERVIEW!!!!! I wish all interviews could be grilled like that. I'm amazed he talked to you. Thank you for keeping it real and asking anything and everything.

Bob in Arlington


Great angle on the questions, we, as a Nation, need better understanding of each other in order to survive our federal government and it's prejudicies that create division.

The "need for danger" reply made me think... Danny's right,...

What would the National parties, dems vs GOP do, if the Hispanics and Blacks decided to start their own voting parties?

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