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What Captain Phillips shares with Osama Bin Laden

Captain-phillips-poster-405x600Very excited to see the new Tom Hanks new movie "Captain Phillips" which opens tonight and tomorrow at movie theaters all throughout our galaxy.

Tom Hanks + the bouncy camera of Paul Greengrass (The Bourne flix - Who am I ??!!!) + an incredible true story = Oscar gold.

This is the story of Captain Richards Phillips, whose cargo ship was hijacked by a group of Somali pirates in 2009. It was the first U.S. cargo ship to be hijacked in 200 years.

This is not the first movie to be made about a cargo shipped hijacked. A few months ago, Denmark released "A Hijacking", which was good but you can bet will not be as good as Captain Phillips; click here for my incredible review of the film.

If you are interested in the Captain Phillips story - at all - listen to the Big Mac Blog factoid of the day: The crew that rescued Captain Phillips in 2009 is the same team that bagged Osama Bin Laden. That's a pretty good resume for US Navy SEAL Team Six.

In the 2012 book "No Easy Day" written by a SEAL Team Six member Mark Owen (not his real name) he managed to squeeze 316 pages about his team's raid that killed the world's most wanted terrorist. That was the part of the fast-reading book most people wanted to read.

No_easy_day_book_cover_a_pIn an effort to bulk this book up, Owen added a few more stories. Of note was the raid to free Captain Phillips and the crew of the Maersk Alabama in 2009.

If you have the book, this story begins on Page 85 and covers just how quickly this group was mobilized, and in the waters off the coast of Africa to complete this rescue (kill?) mission.

SPOILER ALERT - If you are unfamiliar with this story, don't read it.

After Phillips was secure, and the capturing pirates had been killed, according to the book he asked, "Why did you guys have to do that?" He wanted to know why the SEAL members had killed the pirates. He was suffering from Stockholm syndrome, which quickly subsided.

Owen figures the success of this operation gave his superiors the confidence this crew could handle a bigger job. A couple of years later, they bagged Bin Laden.



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Great trailer. Getting lots of good buzz. I think I'll continue to be a movie going idiot and go see "Insidious 2" or whatever Selena Gomez is in instead.

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