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Wondering where Walking Dead is going

Now that Walter White is no longer with us, starved TV viewers who simply don't want to pay for Dexter, True Blood, Ray Donovan or Game of Thrones can rejoice with the return that are the zombies with a heart.

On Sunday night, opposite Cowboys v. The Washington Politically Incorrect Names for Native Americans, Walking Dead is back. Click here for the AMC link to the show's site.

The-walking-dead-season-3The last time we saw our favorite zombie-killing crew, Sgt. Rick Grimes had collected his thoughts while his son was becoming a total psycho. But the showdown between the prison gang v. The Governor and his people did not evolve with a climatic shootout.

The Governor is still alive, even if most of his peeps are on to his killing ways. When he took a machine gun to his own people it kinda, sorta changed some minds.

I want to see more of Daryl Dixon and his cross bow, Michonne and her sword, and Tyreese (Chad Coleman), primarily because he was "Cutty" on "The Wire."

Having played out three highly successful seasons, and we know that everyone is infected with the dreaded Zombie Virus, it is time to wonder where this show is going. Assuming it has two more seasons left in the tank - five seasons is a nice, round number - there is plenty of time to stretch the storyline in multiple directions.

We know this - the show will kill off anyone, young or old, pregnant or no. And it will gladly put the characters in situations where they will turn on each other. Now the question becomes is whether this tale of extreme survival will become about something more than just that, or actually finding a cure from a drug company that does not have to wait for FDA approval.

Not all zombie tales end happily. Remember, it's a zombie world.

Without Walter White, however, most of us are hooked on this original twist to a played genre and are committed to see this thing through.

Just wondering where it's heading.


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