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A reminder: Why Kevin Sumlin needs to say yes to USC

6a00e54f7fc4c58833019affae2943970d-300wiI wrote back on Sept. 29, 2013 - the morning after USC fired head coach Lane Kiffin on an airport parking lot - that if Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin is contacted by USC about this opening he needs to say yes. 

Now word is from that USC has made Mr. Sumlin Priority No. 1.

Today is likely Sumlin's last home game with his meal-ticket quarterback, Johnny Manziel, and opportunities such as this only come around so often. If he wants it, he has to take it now. Before the bowl game. 

If the call comes, Sumlin would be an idiot not to take the interview. 'SC is SoCal's pro team, and the much better job than rival UCLA, which Jim Mora Jr. has done a nice job turning into a good program.

'SC is the Hollywood job. Players want to go to the University of Spoiled Children, for so many obvious reasons from the program's tradition to its load of attractive coeds.

Sumlin needs to take this call if for no other reason than to scare the hell out of every single Aggie booster, as well as Texas A&M athletic director Eric Hyman. You don't pass on leverage like this. These are the interviews where your salary goes up as well as your assistants, and you secure in writing every single facility toy you want. 

Sumlin would be foolish to take the 'SC job right now. The NCAA's scholarship reductions that it levied for violations committed in the Pete Carroll era have a lasting effect.

College football has become all about windows, and none of them are large. Right now A&M is in the good window while rival Texas' window is broken. It is Sumlin and A&M that are landing the hot recruits, and quarterbacks, while Texas is waist-deep in infighting over the status of head coach Mack Brown.

Sumlin should squeeze this for as long as he can, and then leave when his window begins to close. Which it will.

An interview with 'SC will result in the raise he wants, and in theory guarantee the Aggies will keep their hot coach a little longer. Or an interview will result in Sumlin leaving for SoCal. He wins either way.


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Doug Olson

Jay hawks are so smart!


i hate you.

i mean, i love you. but right now i hate you

David J. Hyde

"Sumlin needs to take this call if for no other reason than to scare the hell out of every single Aggie booster, as well as Texas A&M athletic director Eric Hyman".

That is a stupid ass statement to make.

Jim White

I think now is the time for Sumlin to show his loyalty and stay at Texas A&M. He should stay in College Station and try to build the program-- sort of like Gary Patterson has done at TCU. Mack's advice is a lot like what I think Dennis Franchione would have followed a decade ago.

Singing The Blues

Sumlin is the man!!!! I hope he stays but I won't blame him for going. And it's no secret he will miss Johnny Football big time. I think of Urban Meyer leaving Florida as soon as Tebow left. Sumlin probably ought to do the same thing but selfishly, I hope he stays on.


The ags are in trouble. Manziel is leaving and if Sumlin leaves they're back to being the ags we've grown to laugh at for so many years. I think he'll leave. Why stay? He can be the toast of L.A. and get a fat 4 or 5 year contract with at least 2 years to turn around the program. If he stays in college station, well it's still just college station.

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