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Baylor 2013 looks a lot like TCU 2010

First it was the Disciples of Christ, and now it's the Baptists.

For the second time in the last four years a little private, religious affiliated school from the great state a Texas is making all kinds of national noise in the college football scene.

Petty_bryce_g_mr_600In 2010, it was TCU with a defense that didn't allow anybody to score.
In 2013, it is Baylor with an offense that can score at will.

If Baylor can finish the season undefeated - the Bears are anywhere from 9 to 13-point favorites for its game on Saturday at Oklahoma State - they will have equaled what TCU did a couple of seasons ago, ostensibly against far greater competition. 

What TCU did in 2010 to not only finish the season undefeated but score an invite to the Rose Bowl and then win that game is this program's greatest achievement in the modern era. That season changed the university, and led to an invite from the Big 12.

What Baylor is doing in 2013 is harder, but not by leaps and bounds. 

Both Baylor in 2013 and TCU in 2010 are/were great teams loaded with next-level talent.
Both teams blew away schedules that were not what the experts call "very good."

The Big 12 may be down, and Baylor's non-conference schedule is an embarrassment, but the Big 12 this season is awlays better than the Mountain West Conference of any season. TCU is experiencing that now.

Dalton-carder-p1In 2010, TCU defeated three opponents that were ranked at the time, and one that finished the season in the Top 25:
30-21 v. No. 25 Oregon State. The Beavers finished the season 5-7.
47-7 at No. 6 Utah. The Utes lost 3 of its last 5, and were not ranked in the AP Top 25 after the season.
21-19 v. No. 4 Wisconsin (Rose Bowl). Badgers finished No. 7 in nation.
(It's worth noting TCU destroyed Baylor, 45-10, in Fort Worth that season. The Bears finished 7-6.)

According to the final Sagarin ratings from that season, TCU's strength of schedule was 76th.
Hindsight says the Horned Frogs' best wins were Wisconsin (duh?), San Diego State and Utah.

In 2013, Baylor has defeated one ranked team:
41-12 v. No. 12 Oklahoma. 

According to the Sagarin ratings their strength of schedule ranks 85th. Of the teams ranked in the Top 10 by Sagarin, Baylor's schedule is the easiest - the closest is Ohio State (72nd).

Baylor still has three games remaining, but Saturday is it - if the Bears are going to lose in the regular season, it will be at No. 11 Oklahoma State. The Bears will defeat TCU in Fort Worth on Nov. 30, and against Texas on Dec. 7 in the Floyd-Casey Stadium finale (thank God).

Much like TCU in 2010, Baylor in 2013 is good, and benefeting from a schedule that works in its favor.

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Yes, TCU did destroy Baylor in 2010. And in 2 weeks, Baylor will be very happy to return the favor.


Of course TCU has flopped in their first two years in the Big 12 !!

eat horn frogs

My boyeeezzzz at Baylor are about to kick the crap out of TCU.

nero and brutus

You're insane if you think this year's Baylor squad is as good as TCU's 2010 season,


TCU looks like Art Briles' first two seasons at Baylor. Lots o' losses.

And this evening Engel will be at Gary Patterson's house for karaoke night.

Randy "The Ram" Robinson

All I can say 'positive' about Baylor's squad under Briles is they have a "program" that really seems to be working for their kids. (juice)

Sam Bass

TCU certainly has quickly lost their mystique from that 2010 season. Patterson may have gotten too fat and happy and lost his edge.


I don't think so, Tim. Baylor isn't in a conference with DeVry and Phoenix online.

Phoenix Online

Doug O.... Phoenix Online has a pretty good team this year. Watch what you say!


Interesting "blog" Mac. I like how you say what Baylor is doing is "harder" than what TCU did...but then go on to show that TCU has the tougher strength of schedule. Keep trolling buddy!

Rob Tentoy

To keep some perspective:

It took Baylor NINE seasons to equal the number of Big12 conference wins that TCU has already achieved.

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