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Cowboys Cold Truths: Jeff Heath is a symptom

46293aa205acc226420f6a706700d255The popular thing to do on this Monday morning after the Dallas Cowboys lost 343-13 to the New Orleans Saints is to blame little safety Jeff Heath.

He is Little Jeff Heath because if you saw this young man in person you would know that he is just a little guy. He is listed as 6-foot-1, 209 pounds ... don't buy it. The undrafted rookie free agent from Saginaw Valley State should, at best, be a special teams player. If that. 

Instead, he is the starting safety for the Dallas Cowboys at a crucial point of the season. That should never be happening at any point in any season.

Three times against the Saints, Heath had a chance to make a TD saving tackle and did not. It would not have mattered had he made those stops. The Saints would have scored on the next play. 

Heath is currently the face of the NFL's worst defense yet to blame him, or most of these guys, is pointless. The majority of the defenders being run over by the Saints on Sunday night should not be NFL starters, or anything more than fill-out-the-roster players. Instead, because of inept GMing or injuries, the likes of Jeff Heath and a bunch of other spares are being asked to do more than they are capable.

Since they are the players who are playing, technically it is "their fault" but ... to blame them is to miss a much bigger issue.

One catch for 44 yards against true bracket coverage that would not let him breathe.
He is on pace for 83 catches for 1,198 yards and 13 TDs. That's a great statistical season, but Sunday night's game was proof that if you take away Dez from Tony Romo this "explosive" offense is pedestrian.

There are so many statistical embarrassments for the Cowboys let's go with this: 0-for-9 on third downs were the Dallas Football Cowboys. The Saints converted nine third downs in 12 attemtps. 

This is what happens when you draft injured players - they get hurt. The Cowboys best defensive player hurt his left hamstring against the Saints and he is going to miss some time. Don't worry - Ernie Sims has this. Or Kevin Justin Durant.

This is the risk when the Cowboys gave Lee a six-year, $42 million deal in the offseason. Chances were good this injury was always a matter of when not if.

2008: In the spring of 2008 at Penn State, he tore his ACL in non-contact drill and missed the season. 
2010, Lee was injured a few times as a rookie with a hamstring. He missed two games.
2011: Lee suffered a dislocated left wrist against the Eagles on Oct. 30, but he missed only one game.
2012: Suffered a broken toe and missed ten games.
2013: Left hamstring ... who knows?

BYwzvWyCIAAFKd2.jpg-largeOn pace for 4,290 yards with 34 TDs and only 10 picks. Looks great, until you watch games on Sunday night and realize just how misleading numbers can be. 
His best receiver was blanketed, but Tony Romo was simply awful against the Saints.
If his defense is going to continue to be trash, he has to be brilliant. His numbers are good, his play has been erratic.

As you can see by this screen grab, he did at least keep his humor as evidenced by what appears to be a joke he issued to backup Kyle Orton after the Saints took a 35-10 lead late in the third quarter.

If we don't have our humor, we are no better than the machines.

The rookie from Baylor caught one pass for 21 yards. Romo targeted Williams five times. Bottom line - if Dez is going to be bracketed, and after the Saints shut him down bet big money all future teams try this - T-Will has to get open and catch football passes. 

They're going to screw this up for the Boys' vision of an 8-8 NFC East title.
The N-Y-G are 3-6 but a serious threat to the division championship. How sad.
They play the Packers, who are without their top two quarterbacks, on Sunday before hosting the Cowboys on November 24.
There is a good chance they are going to be 5-6 when they play at the Redskins on Dec. 1.
The Giants' schedule after that is brutal (at Chargers, Seahawks, at Lions, Redskins) but this is set up to be interesting.

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I'll vomit if The New York Football Giants wreck things for our beloved Cowboys. Let's hope you are wrong but something tells me our 'Boys will find a way to lose this division title. It should be so easy at this point. Going 8-8 is lame but with a division championship I could stomach it. It silly we win the division at 8-8 but it certainly looks like that's the way it's going to be.

texas royalty

I agree with most everything you are saying but I still disagree with one thing; The Dallas Cowboys are going to the playoffs. Our division is terrible. We should win the division this year with an 8-8 record. Its amazing but it's a truth.


I will be honest, Heath did have a few mistakes in the game, but how about his other starts? He was absolutely fantastic against the lions. The major problem I have is saying he is small. He is every bit of 6'1 if not taller is have you even looked to see how many times he benched 225...22 times!!! That's 5 less than demarcus ware did. Heath is by far the strongest and fastest DB the cowboys have. He is a rookie, give him a little time.

tcipip setting

You can burn whatever kind of smack you want about our boys but in the end we are holding our own, first place in our division, and playing the hand we are delt. Hate on us all you want, it just makes us stronger. The real story is we are going to the playoffs and like our friends from the east, the NY Giants; anything can happen in the post season


So 8-8 was considered a failure last year, and 8-8 is considered a success this year? My how the bar for greatness has fallen. Can you imagine Jimmy Johnson being excited about an 8-8 season? Mediocre is mediocre whether they make the playoffs or not, and to try to spin it any other way only prolongs the inevitable rebuilding of the team. No one in their right mind could believe that this team could do damage in the post season healthy or not. We've seen what happens to the Cowboys when they play legitimate championship contenders and it isn't pretty, and it happens over and over. It's way past time to clean house and blow up the team (starting with the general manager, of course). Unfortunately, 8-8 is just good enough for Jerry to go all in and continue the cycle.

New Roof Denver

The number of Dallas area fans who continue to drink the Cowboys and Jerry Jones Kool-Aid continues to amaze me. The fans need to realize they hold the power to make Jones remove himself from the team GM position simply by boycotting games and merchandise sales. To keep paying huge bucks to line Jones pocket and ego....well, Galloway has it right when he calls them CowSheep. Fans are leading themselves to slaughter. Jones has no reason to change the status quo unless forced to do so by fan apathy and boycott, which they are not willing to do. So they get what they deserve, which is national embarrassment and humiliation.

Marissa Saenz

Heath was an absolute embarrassment against the Saints!!! No excuse for that kind of play in the nfl... I hope he never plays for the Cowboys again, unless it's special teams! Sign Ed Reed!!!

Charles Barrs

The Cowboys seem to like undrafted footbsll players.
It's okay with the following they have. But these guys will never see a Superbowl!

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