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Hendricks is robbed in UFC 167

Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks' face looked clean and pretty immediately after his welterweight title fight against Georges St. Pierre. He sounded good. The defending champion's face looked like trash; it was swollen, and bloody. He sounded wiped out, and almost to the point of retirement.

Despite Hendricks appearing to have won three of the five rounds, GSP defended his title in a controversial (awful?) split decision that set off Twitter in a furry that this was a garbage ruling from the three judges. Hendricks was the better, stronger fighter over the course of five rounds but his decision to sit on his lead in the fifth round likely cost him the overall decision.

La-sp-georges-stpierre-johny-hendricks-20131115The champion seldom - like never - loses a decision. Although GSP said this was the toughest fight of his career - his face backed that up - it was too close for two judges to give Johny a win he should have been awarded.

"It sucks. I'm coming back," Hendricks said in the ring after the fight. "It's fine. That's my belt."

Hendricks, who lives in Mansfield and trains in Pantego, appeared to win the first and second rounds as well as round four. He was not the aggressor, at all, in Round 5 and that final impression was not in his favor.

It was the first time in Hendricks' career he went five rounds; for a while it appeared as if conditioning would be an issue, but he held up against a fighter who is accustomed to fighting 25 minutes. 

In an odd twist, GSP said after the fight he will be taking some time away from UFC to address personal issues.

Hendricks should have won, but this is the risk you take when it goes to a judge. 

With GSP walking away, it robs Hendricks and UFC fans the chance of a rematch that needs to happen. 

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johny hendricks



You got robbed, Johnny! You're the man!


Just a thought, since this is regulated, sport I think an immediate call for sanctions against the judges who scored the fight.. I think they should replay the fight count dominate position strikes damage and everything fight at best was 3rds Hendricks 1 round GSP and 1 TIE. the only thing GSP did right was win the last round. The fight was so far in Hendricks favor that everyone and I mean everyone who watch hundreds of people booed these results. My daughter told me how can they steal it away/ I said I guess its corrupt I mean the UFC just like the LAWLER fight he did not win that fight they cheated RM he won 2 rounds to 1 the only thing Lawer did right was beat him down good in the last round again the fight ended with RM on top GIVE THE BELT to Hendricks fire or arrest the judges and hire the x Belator welter weight champion


Your assesment is spot on. I think Hendricks corner was too comfortable with his "lead" . He should have pushed more in the fifth. Regardless I think he won .

GSP is a great champion. He is not responsible for the judges. I believe he too believes Hendicks was the victor .

Mike Flynn

Terrible...not spending another time on watching a UFC fight. Hendrick won handedly!

leoanrdo grant

This fight was highway robbery... The Challenger Jonny Hendricks won this fight fair and square... Up against one of the best champions the UFC had ever had... but according to the judges the fight was given to George St. Pierre needed to win this would make him the first and only fighter in the UFC ti defend his title 16 times in a roll.... This is one of the main reasons why I stopped watching boxing for some time because of their judging... Tonight brought back all those jacked up memories... This is an embarrassment to the UFC. And to all witness the fight. With all due respect to George St. Pierre I think is one of the greatest champions of all time.. but tonight he clearly lost his title up against the challenger Jonny Hendrix... but yet given the winn??????? Damn crooks spoil everything...sure vegas had something to do with this as well..
i didn't lose a dime ..dont matter..God Bless you Jonny on a Great fight my book and those who watched the fight are the New Champion..


MMA is dead.

truth vader

Hendricks DOMINATED. And im not even a fan oh his. Wow Ufc lost ALOT of cred on this one

Cody Eberle

Johny fucking destroyed gsp. Anybody who thinks otherwise is a complete idiot. Hendricks is my idol and he deserves that welterweight title more then anyone. He'll come back even stronger and steamroll over everyone in his path. In my eyes, he's already the welterweight champion.

johny hendricks

gsp beat me fair n square

he is a god
i'm just an inbreeding hick


Being a George fan and canadian I wanted George to win However Dana is right Hendricks won and Vegas judges are ruining this sport Absolute respect for Dana .Congratulations to Johnny Hendricks

tired of fraud

So tired of obvious corrupt sports decisions. UFC is phony and decides what bookies want them to


Anyone claiming GSP won the fight is simply lying. If someone's scoring "system" indicates a GSP win, then that system is so flawed it's worthless---and I was not rooting for Hendricks. I'm simply an objective observer who knows that, plainly and more than obviously, Hendricks "beat up" GSP.


GSP was nearly knocked out in one of the early rounds and since the system users are so fond of keeping track of "significant strikes", maybe they should have counted the ones that damaged GSP's face so badly. However, they only seem to consider damage (even though it's supposedly not part of their scoring system) when doing so helps the fighter they've selected to win. Otherwise, it's ignored as it was tonight.

jhonny fan

gsp lost. end of story


I used to think differently about the ufc because it wasn't corrupted like boxing. Now after watching Jones steal the belt from Gustavson we get to see GSP do it to Hendricks. I think the UFC is trying to be more like boxing with these awful judge decisions. I wont be ordering any more fights until they handle this more appropriately.


Proof it's not just boxing that deals with this. It's just the risk of sports with judges that they'll be incompetence and/or corruption. Glad UFC couldn't cover up the fact this time.


Hendricks got robbed. GSP has become a sham with the belt. Just look at their faces after the fight interview. Bull ~~~ UFC is heading towards same place that failed boxing - unfair influence by promoters & Vegas betting odds. It's gonna drag down the sports in the sink hole. Rematch in 6 months or else all the belts are just fiat like the U.S. dollars.


Dana White will make GSP fight the rematch or give up his title.


I am a GSP fan but he clearly didnt win the fight. His face was jacked up and he could barely even speak. This is why you cant leave it for the judges.

Johann Sebastian-Wilson

Money will ruin the UFC just like it did boxing. This is what happens when you turn Martial Art into a all seem so surprised!!!


GSP better hope the rematch is in Canada, so he can at least get some free healthcare for his face. I see match 2 like Shogun-Machida2. Shogun knew he got screwed so he came back and beat the tar out of Machida, and I suspect Big Rig is gonna do the same in match 2.

This fight perfectly illustrates why the Japanese-Pride scoring is superior. Under Pride it would have been a no-brainer, under NSAC its the judges who are no-brainers.

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