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In order to avoid playing Aledo, some players quit

1238078FORT WORTH, Texas - In preparation for Trimble Tech’s season-finale against state power Aledo on Saturday afternoon, four players quit. Because head coach Dwayne Henry has a rule that players must not miss so many practices, a few players did just that he figures in order to miss this game.

Some guys would rather spare themselves the chance to play one of the best teams in the country.

“It was the same thing as last year before we played Aledo – three guys quit,” Henry told me. “I’m trying to stay positive and to make it fun for them.”

One young man, and a little more than 30 others, opted in. Zachary Ortiz is a junior offensive lineman who wants to see just how good the Bearcats are; whether he can hang. Never mind Aledo has out-scored its nine opponents this season, 616-66.

“They haven’t played my team yet,” he said. Hard not to love that, even if his Bulldogs are 2-7.

Aledo plays Trimble Tech at 1 p.m. in the regular-season finale, and there is nothing anybody can do about it. No one is planning on a running clock. No belly dives throughout. No laying down from the start. Just play the game and let the score be what is. That's football. 

Even when re-districting comes about next February, Henry has been told by his bosses to expect things to mostly remain the same – Aledo will be playing Fort Worth ISD schools. As much as the University Interscholastic League does a disservice to both Aledo and the Fort Worth ISD schools by pairing them up, there is only so much the organization can do.

This leaves players such as Ortiz with two options - quit, or play and see what happens. The better option is to always play and see what happens.

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george fulbright

it was fwisd that wanted aledo in this district not uil fwisd needs to consolidate some schools,be more supportive of their schools,start fostering a winning tradition, fwisd wanted the revenue from schools like aledo,but yet they don't want to do what it takes to get their schools in that position.

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