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Mac Genius: Okie State minus-31.5

121409-arizona-cardinals-cheerleaderOver the last two years I have picked five games each week against the line to see how smart I is. I begin the season with $50 of Monopoly money and fake bet a $10 on five pro/college games. In two football seasons, I am +190!
2011: +110
2012: +80 (the Super Bowl pro bets bailed me out from a season of financial ruin and depression)

The Mac Genius has returned; my cuppeth runneth over with winneth.

Last week: 3-2. The comeback continues.
This season: 23-21-3.

Last week's picks
1. Illinois at Penn State (-11). NITTANY LIONS. LOSS
2. Ohio State (-32) at Purdue. BUCKEYES. WIN
3. Miami at Florida State (-21). NOLES. WIN
4. Colts (-2.5) at Texans. COLTS. WIN
5. Chiefs (-3.5) at Bills. BILLS. LOSS

This week's picks
1. Texas (-6.5) at West Virginia. HORNS. Just run it.
2. Kansas at Okie State (-31.5). COWBOYS. Coach Gundy likes to run it up.
3. LSU at Alabama (-12.5). TIGERS. Too many points to pass up.
4. Texans at Cardinals (-3). TEXANS. Which means Cards will win. 
5. Seahawks (-5.5) at Falcons. FALCONS. Just a hunch. 

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Bama Rolls

You must love drugs bc you are on something serious too think that LSU is going to even come close to 'Bama. Nick Saban wants out of Alabama and an $7 million dollar contract in Texas. LSU is going to get crushed.

Arthur Curry

You should never bet against marine based life forms. Seahawks are actually a real cool team and fierce water creatures.

Gabe Walker

Amazing. All of your college picks worked out. Even if you flop on your Pro picks you still wind up 3-2 on the weekend. Not bad.

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