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Nap time

A-Charlie-Brown-Thanksgiving-peanuts-26555451-1067-800As part of the Affordable Health Care act, The Big Mac Blog has been asked to shut it down for the next week. Something called ... perloan. Or ferlow. Ohhhhhh ..... furlough. Sorry. It's kinda like a vacation. Or something.

My readers reader are sure to be crushed.

Happy Thanksgiving, and an even better Black Friday.



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Weight Loss Patch

Happy Thanksgiving Mac, may the tryptophan make you blissfully unaware as the Cowboys throw up all over themselves against the Raiders today

peter rabbit

You bug time reporters always find an excuse to take some time off to drink yourself silly.

Bob in Arlington

Did Jerry Jones secretly buy the Star Tellmegram?

From this point foreward, all Sports reporting will be done by computers using drones instead of reporters at sporting events or being forced to watch ESPN.

Also, high school journalism students working on year books will be stationed as "contributoring" writers, in the absence of "real" sports people, solely under the tutelage of Channel 8 sports legend "in his own mind" Dale "jerry really hates me" Hansen.

Goodnight, Mr. Chips!

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