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Sorry Bevo, Baylor gives Art Briles another 10 years & a truckload of cash

Hill-briles-110210There were a lot of rumors swirling from Waco that if Baylor head football coach Art Briles had been offered a good job after this season that he was gone. And no one could have blamed him had the University of Texas, or maybe Texas A&M called.

Despite the job he has done at Baylor, no one can blame anybody for passing up the chance to take certain jobs, such as the two flagship schools in Texas.

Much to the delight of Baylor nation, that will not be happening now.

In a wise move, Baylor has signed Briles to a 10-year extension that will keep him there through the 2023 season. Of course, since this is college football contracts have a tendency to be worthless but ... for now, Briles belongs to Baylor. 

Chip Brown of Tweeted that the buyout on Briles' deal is a staggering $5 million. Dollars. Five. Million. Dollars. Right now, he will make in excess of $3.5 million per season.

Hard to argue this decision for either party. It gives many future Briles' financial security, Art a place where he will have the keys for years, and Baylor the security knowing it will have its coach for the next decade.

The job Art Briles has done in turning Baylor into a national name is on the same plane, or perhaps even greater, than what Garry Patterson did at TCU.

Like TCU did with Patterson, you don't let these guys go.

You bury them in money to make sure they are yours.

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Rose Bowl. How many BCS bowls has Baylor won? Let them win a BCS bowl or even finish the regular season undefeated before you crown them. C'mon, Mac.


Briles' agent inquired about the A & M job before Sumlin was hired and was denied an interview.

horn frog up

No way Briles is a good as GP. No. Way.

If your a TCU fan you have to view the Briles contract extension as a good thing.

He has helped Baylor but he ain't a big time coach and no way is he as good as Gary. No. Way.


Baylor has come a long way but let us wait and see how he does recruiting. You can't sustain that success without good players on the field.

Let’s see how his recruiting does against schools like Texas, Texas A& m, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.
They eat up a lot of the pool.


Yes, TCU has won one BCS game (quite some time ago) and Gary Patterson is a good coach. Now that we have established that, does this justify your hate of Baylor's football program and coach? I thought TCU was supposed to be 'classy' Doesn't sound very classy to me.

F.A. Dryer

Gary MoFo Patterson read this article and grabbed a towel to wipe his flop sweat like he does during games.

Horned Toad nation is delusional as usual I see.

Kirk Ronson

Recruiting? Briles has an inside track! Remember, he was a very successful and highly-respected high school coach before joining the college ranks. He is still extremely popular with all those HS buddies. They will be pushing their standouts toward Baylor. In fact, he seems to be doing pretty well at recruiting already.
Living in Ft. Worth, I am a TCU/GP fan; and, I think Mac Brown is one of the classiest coaches in all college sports. But, watch out for an improving Baylor program under Briles. Oh, did anyone mention a 3-8 turnaround or posting top-tier statistics in both offense and defense when starters only play about half a game...or the Heisman Trophy?


You'd think now that since TCU backed into their coveted Big 12 membership, their fans would bury the hatchet with Baylor. It's obvious the hate still prevails. Still hanging their hat on that Rose Bowl game and how they ruled that powerhouse Mountain West, I see. Their fans were thinking they'd blow through the Big 12 if they ever got in, but looks to me like with a so-so record so far, its going to take a while for to be competitive, if at all.

texas football

Briles is the worst! All a new 10 year contract says is Baylor will suck for another decade.


Ignore 'texas football' - everyone knows Briles is a good coach. Good to finally see consistent competition out of Waco.
And to little mac and all the other haters of the 'I want it now generation' - Bevo has their coach. He has proven again why he is one of the best in the college game and so respected by his peers. Never saw Bowden resurrect a declining top program like Brown has...

Nate Washington

Briles is a joke. He will never see the end of that contract.


Looks like the joke is on the rest of the Big 12 this year. Only way Briles never sees the end of that contract is if he leaves by his own choice for another job.

Russell C

Some of you commenters are just plain idiots and/or trolls. Briles is the best coach in college football and is a perfect fit at Baylor. Mac Brown will still be at the helm at UT and Gary Patterson is a great fit at TCU. The Big 12 is better as a whole with these great coaches. Next!!!!

blue horse shoe

I've taken dumps smarter than Art Briles. The guy can't coach. Baylor is a perfect fit bc it isn't a football school. Watch. He will fizzle quick. Baylor has cute campus and is building an awesome stadium but Briles sucks. Trust me. The heel of my shoe is smarter than Briles.

the daily

Art Briles seems smart but he is no serious football coach. He is a good fit at Baylor. Stupid coach. Stupid fans. It's a match made in heaven.

John Corbell

Anyone that thinks that Briles is not a good coach has been living under a rock for the last 23 years

Rob Tentoy

Was Briles coaching from under a rock tonight vs OSU?

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