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The Dallas Cowboys have a Bruce Carter problem

Hi-res-135478729_display_imageOn Thursday morning, former Dallas Cowboys, Packers and Raiders scout and now member of, Mr. Bryan Broaddus politely admonished me for not watching the game closely enough when it comes to linebacker Bruce Carter.

My point - Carter has not played very well this season.

Broaddus' point - Carter hasn't been that bad. That, if I just watched the games, Carter has made plays side to side, and been involved.

With linebacker Sean Lee expected to miss the next few weeks with a bum hamstring, Carter is expected to move to the middle and man that spot. The way he played last season before he was hurt says Carter can play. That guy has not been here this season, regardless of what anyone says.

As Cowboys safety Barry Church (name drop!) told me - if you want to be considered an effective player, you have to have some numbers.

In 10 games, Carter has 60 tackles with two sacks. The  sacks came in Week 1 and Week 2.
Here is the hard part - the Cowboys lead the NFC with 22 takeaways, and Carter has not been involved statistically in any of those plays. That's incredible. And it has to change.

Carter has not forced a fumble, he has not recovered a fumble and he has not intercepted a pass. He has two passes defended.

Carter may be adept at making a tackle five yards past the line of scrimmage, but the bottom line is if he wants to be considered an impact player he has to have some numbers that says he is.

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