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The hitch in getting rid of Mack Brown (it's not Nick Saban)

Mack-brown-p2There is one small problem in trying to hit the ejector seat on Mack Brown at the University of Texas-Austin.

The Longhorns are winning football games on the football field. The Horns are 6-2, and 5-0 in the Big 12 conference. Their 36-20 neutering of Oklahoma in the Red River Thingy changes everything, from their record to the way we view that team.

Your own team is screwing up your chances of landing the greatest coach in the history of sport - Mr. Sunshine, Nick Saban.

Other than the season-finale at No. 6 Baylor on December 7 in Waco, there is a good chance UT can win nine regular season games; the game against No. 14 Oklahoma State is in Austin, so don't rule this out. 

The Horns can very well finish with 10 wins this season, which makes dumping Mack nearly a mathematical impossibility.

Brown's job security is back in play after the University of Texas hired former Arizona State athletic director Steve Patterson to replace DeLoss Dodds; Chip Brown of reported that Mack Brown learned of this move via Twitter. You would think a head football coach in good standing would learn of such moves with a phone call, text or email from a university official.

BTW - Mr. Kirk Bohls of the Austin American Statesman reported that Brown said that he did NOT hear about Patterson's hiring via Twitter.

There is also this story by the Associated Press that Alabama head coach Nick Saban would, according to his agent, only consider bolting A-L-A for Texas and only Texas.

Saban has a track-record of lying about jobs (LSU, Miami Dolphins) so if he decided to leave again for a bigger check and one last challenge it would not be a big surprise. He is the king of college football, and to restore the likes of LSU, Alabama and Texas to national standing might be a fun feather. Plus, living in Austin with lots of money isn't horrible.

The "problem", if you are a UT fan, is that your team is winning. Every win makes getting rid of Mack, if that's your choice, that much harder. 

Given the way his team is playing, and the remaining schedule, makes it hard to envision he won't be the head coach in 2014.

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Having my Son a head coach at Texas or any football team should be every fan's wish.

Rebel Yell

I love it the Ole Miss Rebels gave Ole Mack Brown a run for his money this year!!!!

Roll Tide

Get real. Saban loves Bama. I think he would coach in Alabama for free. No way he leaves. No way.

South Texas

Saban coming to Texas is an Internet rumor at best. No way the guy leaves Alabama. And Mack Brown has a lot of good football in him. This one never plays out.

Horns Up

I've heard these rumors before. Who knows if they are true?!?!? But it sure would erk the jerks in Alabama if their beloved hero head football coach left for 'greener pastures' (and what would have to be a massive pile of cash) and headed to Texas. I'm no real fan of Saban but a move might shake things up. It could be fun and Texas could be incredible. They have the cash, students, alum....a rock'n coach could change the landscape in college football.

Bob in Arlington

Don't jump a charter flight to Vegas just yet Mac!

Hicks and the other Billionaire alums are sold on keeping Mack even if he continues to do well. They view him as a good, not great, recruiter and might keep him on, while bringing in Saban.. or trying to.

Don't rule out Bama alum matching any Texas offer or putting in a kicker to exceed it. This is about EGO and Big, sorry "HUGE" money people behind both teams.

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