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The problem with a Jerry vote of confidence

JJEDallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said Jason Garrett will return to coach the team in 2014.

For people who love to squeeze the blood out of the rock, believe it's an honor to be in the National Football League, enjoy The Process, value all three phases of the game and just try to get better every day, this is outstanding news.

It is also a steaming pile of JS. (editor's note - in references to the Dallas Cowboys professional football team, the term BS no longer fits; it's JS).

The Dallas Cowboys are very much alive in the Big 12 North, and can win this division with an impressive 8-8 record, which would mean they would host a playoff game. Or, the Dallas Cowboys could finish 8-8 for a third consecutive season and miss the playoffs. Personally, my preference is they finish 6-10, win the division, and win two playoff games.

Every scenario up to and including the end of the world is in play, meaning Jerry had to back his head coach. He was asked, he answered. He means it. 


Jerry-jones-youngAs Jerry has told us many, many times - he likes to say, "I'm not trying to be trite" - just because he says it it does not make it so. And, another Jerryism, he reserves the right to change his mind.

With six games remaining in the regular season way too many possibilities can happen for Jerry to say anything other than he supports his head coach, and that he will return for next season. 

In Jerry's mind, too many good things can happen not to believe this season will end on anything other than a positive note. A playoff game, relative to this franchise, is a positive and a reason to believe next season will be the best year in the history of organized sport.

Because it is Jerry, and because he has changed so many coaches before, the question had to be asked.
He answered it honestly.

The same question will be asked after the Cowboys' regular season finale against the Eagles on Dec. 29.
Jerry will answer it honestly then.

Just remember - he reserves the right to change his mind.

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Since 1969 the Pittsburgh Steelers have had three head coaches: Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, and Mike Tomlin. Noll had three losing seasons before going on to coach the Steelers to 4 Super Bowl victories. Cowher had two losing seasons in the middle of his coaching tenure before the Steelers became Super Bowl champs in 2005. Tomlin's team won the Super Bowl in 2008 but the last two years the Steelers have been down. It is unlikely that Tomlin will be fired, however, even if the Steelers post a losing record this year or even next. Ownership (the Rooney family: Art, Dan, Art II) have hired good coaches and stuck with them through difficult times and they've had outstanding success.

Since 1993 the Cowboys have had six head coaches producing no Super Bowls wins, regular season mediocrity, and a dismal playoff record. Rotating coaches every few years isn't yielding results. While the Cowboys fan base is screaming for Garrett's blood, it's unlikely that replacing him with another Jerry hire is going to make much difference. There is no great coach waiting in wings who is just dying to work for Jerry Jones, so keeping Garrett in place is about as good an option as any.

Bob in Arlington

DavidMar very good analysis.

One of tha major problem with Jerry's teams, no matter who is the head coach, the GM always trumps any Head Coach's initatives, controls the draft and decides who they bring in and who they let go.

NO GM nor Head Coach worth his salt will work for Jerry Jones.

This team has drafted poorly and has a salary cap hell every year.

Jerry only cares about two things, butts in the seats and him being on every TV camera he can.

The fandom, including those that blindly over pay for quality football and over priced concessions are playing right into Jerry's hands.

As long as the tickets are bought in Jerry World, you can only expect more 8 and 8 seasons.

Lose Body Fat Fast

Loved the transformation from "B.S." to "J.S."...very clever, and apropos.

But "JS", to me, might mean "Jerry's Senility" as well, because this Gump Wannabe...and I apologize for insulting Gump's intelligence like funnier than the sitcoms on TV. When he 'tries' to talk, his little brain cell is whirling madly trying to think and talk and interpret what he is saying all at the same time, resulting in BS overload, gibberish at best. I want to lay down after hearing Jones speak about anything, and wake up with the nightmare gone. It usually is, until the next time I hear him speak. If only TV and radio had a "Jones" filter, my life would be much better.

leather helmet, no teeth

your article sucks. fire garrett.

Bud Holladay

Management's ability to identify and then develop talent is the primary skill required for success in any competition.
While most anyone can identify the top-tier talent - the "sure things" - only the best can identify the remaining "B" and "C" students who make up the core of any organization behind good leadership.
Jerry's crowd has demonstrated its inability to do that year after year. Now, in their desperation, the same crowd is reaching even lower for what it believes to be top talent. Save your money, read a book, or just take the kids to the park and play football with people who really understand the game.

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