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Thus far, the haters are right about TCU in the Big 12

Jason-VerrettTCU hosts West Virginia on Saturday afternoon at Amon G. Carter Stadium in the non-eagerly awaited game between the last two invitees into the Big 12 conference. Expect plenty of empty seats at a game "featuring" two teams that are 1-4 in the conference and 3-5 overall.

TCU is a 12.5-point favorite; the indifference is deafening ... with the exception of those who are gloating, "Told ya'!"

To steal a line from Coach Norman Dale in Hoosiers: "Maybe they were right about us! Maybe we don't belong up here!"

So far, every single naysayer that predicted fail on TCU after it left the cozy confines of the Mountain West Conference can celebrate victory. The same for the old guard who had been around the final decade or so of the Southwest Conference and feared the Frogs would return to the bottom of a power conference.

Done and done. Even with the creation of 345 bowl games, the Frogs are in danger of missing their first postseason game since the 2004 season when the team finished 5-6.

Predictions that the football team would challenge for the Big 12 title look increasingly stupid. They should never have been projected to finish high, even if the conference is down. Two seasons is too soon for a team to move into a power conference to win a title. They don't have the players student athletes.

Even had quarterback Casey Pachall not been injured, his line isn't good enough and his receivers have been bad.

Unlike the early to mid '90s when there were plenty of valid excuses and reasons why the Frogs stunk it up in the SWC, the current administration has taken those away. TCU has nearly every available toy and resource to flaunt on recruits and attract top talent. They may not be able to land the five-star kid away from Texas or Texas A&M, but they can land the player slightly below him.

They won't be able to win the conference every season, but they can be in the rotation of challenging every three or four years. This is not a question of defense. In two years, Gary Patterson should have an offensive line that can, you know, block. He better have receivers that can run the right routes and, you know, catch.

This is not as dark as the mid '90s when TCU was at the bottom of the SWC, or when the school was not invited to cool kids' table of the then-new Big 12.

This transition was always going to take more time than people wanted to admit, but the end result will not be as bad as the haters believe/desire.



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Ouch...reality stinks for frog fan...


TCU had a nice run in the Mountain West. I just think that Louisville and West Virginia should have been the choices for the Big 12 instead.

I suppose TCU had the advantage of being able to move immediately to the Big 12. They were lame ducks in the MWC per their cancelled move to the Big East. But the convenience of one or two years should not have trumped a 100-year future.

you are what your record says you are

I hate your guts and think your crappy blog is pure garbage but when you are right you are right. TCU is not good enough to be a top team in the Big 12. It's a mystery but it's true; we are not good enough to compete ---- yet. We will get there but as it stands today; we are not good enough.

Sam Bass

Gary Patterson appeared to be a wizard of a coach with weekly feastings of New Mexico, Wyoming, UNLV, Colorado State and the like.

Sad to see SWC-TCU making such a rapid and hasty return to Fort Worth and the Big 12.

Maybe the Big 12 should have opted for Louisville.

billy in austin

I love TCU and I think all you guys are hater. I stand with my horned frogs thru thick and thin.


Not a hater, but as a Baylor fan having to watch as TCU fans made shirts that said "Kick Baylor out of the Big 12" and "Sucks to B.U.", I am certainly enjoying this bit of schadenfreude. Not quite so easy is it, Frog fans?
"Good job, Big 12."

"The Reg"

TCU belongs with the big dogs. We just haven't pulled it together yet. The Big 12 will be ours, all ours, soon. Stay tuned.


You write about folks wanting TCU to fail. I don't think most people wanted TCU to fail. Most I spoke with were glad to see them get into the Big 12.

If there was hate and " I told you so" from fans of other conference teams I think it was mostly a reaction to the TCU internet fans proclaiming how great they were and putting down other teams in the conference. The real disconnect came from all the crap about how they had been cheated by not being the Big 12 from the get go. What a load.

Patterson will get them back I feel sure. Just have to get acclimatized to a different atmosphere.

THE Texas Christian University

Patterson said from the day TCU was announced as joining the B12, it would take two years for them to understand how to compete. So, now that it is taking two years for them to understand how to compete, suddenly people are surprised. Sometimes all you can say is, "Well, duh!"

Rob Tentoy

You know, I'm exceptionally p***ed off at my alma mater at the moment, but this might be one of the most asinine things you've written in a long history of asinine things.
The problem was and is that Patterson and company have made the biggest mistake of their tenure by refusing to admit that Pachall isn't the answer. They should have cut ties last year and looked to the future. Instead, they had this pretend QB competition knowing full well they had no intent of starting anybody but Pachall, created an offensive scheme around Pachall and then discovered that A) Pachall just isn't good anymore and B) Treyvone Boykin isn't going to excel in a Pachall designed offense.

And Baylor fans, you can shut it. Baylor was this TCU team for about 10 years. What, you finally start showing some real ability and now you are some football deity? I have no doubt that TCU will compete one day, but probably not for a couple of more years thanks to this terrible decision to put off the future for a Hallmark story.


Poor frog fan...for years you played "pretend" football against very weak competition and then suddenly your school won the lottery and joined the Big 12. How does it feel to be pushed around by a tougher league? TCU is a fraud !!

Michael Peregrine

Not a "hater", but totally a supporter--but as a member of the class of '77 (and those were the REAL horrible years) it is a legitimate concen that the University not step back into those days of despair. You don't want the reputation of the school to suffer if the team can not compete in its conference. It's also a legitimate concern that the program not take shortcuts in its effort to compete. There is a real challenge ahead. Fortunately for the school, it has extraordinary leadership in its Chancellor.

lyle loomis

I 'sorta' like your blog. I will say this for it, and the body or work you produce, it's funny, insightful, and addictive.

As far as your article goes; TCU belongs. I didn't think they would stumble this hard out of the gate but I figured it would take some time. I never thought I would give up on Casey P but it's been a bad decision for the school to keep him on.

TCU has a great football future in this conference or whatever conference they choose to play in. We'll be a contender again it's just hard to say how soon that will be. GP will get it done.


GP missed his chance to take a better job (after winning Rose Bowl) he is stuck.

Not me

It can get worse for the Horned Toads and the prince of the Poinsettia Bowl, Gary Patterson.

Verrett and Pachall leave after this year.

What if Sam Carter decides that he also wants an NFL paycheck next year? Oops.

Devonte Fields will probably play only one more year.

Blah, blah, TCU. Blah, blah, TCU.


I didn't go to TCU, but I find it interesting the amount of hate thrown at them and their accomplishments the last 10 years. Beating teams like USC, Oklahoma, Clemson, Stanford, Texas and winning the Rose bowl are not flukes. I think they've done the best any small school could do, given the circumstances. What TCU doesn't have is depth. There was no way to get it until being invited to a major conference and given time to recruit. Time. Patterson even said it would be 3-5 years to get the recruits he needs. I'll wait and see how they do at that point before writing them off.

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