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Trying to defend the Cowboys' 2nd round pick

Gavin+Escobar+Dallas+Cowboys+Rookie+Camp+1hDWAelCrGRlARLINGTON, Texas - Not that this does not happen every other month, but a second round draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys isn't doing much. Meanwhile, a guy drafted behind him is killing it.

The latest example that the Twitter world is having fun with is Cowboys rookie tight end Gavin Escobar (47th overall pick) and Green Bay rookie running back Eddie Lacy (61st overall). As you can see, it was not as if Lacy was picked 48th and a lot of other guys between Escobar and Lacy have not made a big impact but ... this does not look good.

In nine games, Escobar has four receptions for 65 yards with one touchdown. All of that double tight end talk the Cowboys tossed out when they drafted Escobar has faded. Meanwhile the player Escobar likely should be ahead of, third-year tight end James Hanna, has eight catches for 56 yards.

Thus far, it looks as if there was no reason to draft Escobar so high.

And Lacy? 134 carries for 596 yards and four scores. Considering how badly the Cowboys need a running back behind DeMarco Murray, Lacy's production is enticing.

I asked Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett how he would evaluate Escobar's season thus far.

"He's done a good job with the opportunities we've given him; when we drafted him we felt like he was a receiving tight end first," Coach Process said. "He had to grow into a traditional Y tight end and put his hand on the ground and block. ... He's been a part of some of the stuff we've done. We'll keep giving him chances. He's growing and developing. None of the situations seem too big for him."

Escobar is only 22, and right now he is going to remain firmly stuck behind Jason Witten, who is in his 11th season in the league. If this pick is going to be worth it, Escobar has to take Witten's spot. He cannot be drafted to be a backup, play for one contract and then leave. That's what Martellus Bennett did and it was not necessarily a bust but a player drafted that high and of that ability should be a two-contract player for a team.

Since the Cowboys selected Witten in the third round of the 2003 draft they have burned three second round picks on tight ends - Anthony Fasano (2006), Bennett (2008) and now Escobar. The first two did not make a big impact on this team.

It's waaaaay too early to write off Escobar, but the early results are blah. The most encouraging thing Garrett said was that the game was not too big for him. Of course, Garrett may be full of it.

"Has he come in and made a huge impact on our football team? No," Garrett said. "We feel really good about him."

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You really have to scratch your head when you analyze the Cowboys drafts. Going into the last draft the needs were glaring: offensive line, defensive line, and safety. So what do the Cowboys do? Take a tight end in the second round and a receiver in the third. And people wonder why in recent years the Cowboys can't run the ball or stop the run. Duh?


5 of 7 draft picks and 1 FAR have played significant snaps already this year. We can go back and Monday Morning QB the draft all you want, but who would you be willing to part with? Sure, they could have drafted DT, C, then either WR or S, but would you be willing to endanger the Frederick pick or which would you be willing to part with, the WR who will replace Austin or the S who pushed his way into a starting role in the first 4 games? While the Boys have lots of skill players, they lack depth and breadth of talent - just too few picks to fill too many holes. They may have wasted a pick on TE (jury is still out), but hitting on 70% of your picks ain't bad.

Bob in Arlington

Again, Mac, you hit upon what is wrong with the d'Boys... it's draft guru.. hint his initials are JJ.. has no clue on college talent.

This current team is close to being in shambles.... save for the fact that every other NFL East team is also in the tank... d'Boys would be history very early this season.

If D'Ware, D'Marco,and now Hatcher, Dez begin to show wear and tear this team is toast.

IF,... just if, Witten was to go down Tony would have to continue to throw 2 and 3rd dunks to keep his stats up.

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