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Video: Big Mac & Rowdy fear for Coach Process



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jj hater

Clarence improves how good looking the duo is. All you sports guys have good hair.

out for justice

I like the matching Steven Segall 'black on black on black' outfits.

Doug Olson

Mac is a little effervescent today.

Jerry's World

Clarence and you are wrong. The Cowboys will not get blown out in the playoffs. They might lose but they will play somebody tough. They have not looked great this year but they have played some good teams tight. I agree they are not good. I agree they don't have great personel. I agree they will probably win their division which is terrible. But I totally take issue with your opinion that they will get blown out in the playoffs. I think they could win a playoff game and maybe get hot and go on a run. You never know. And this team does have some talent. (some)

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