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Why Baylor lost

This does not happen often, but the caring people of Las Vegas whiffed when they had Baylor as 9-point favorites to defeat Oklahoma State. If there was such a thing as free money this was it.

The reason Baylor lost on Saturday night in Stillwater, thus ruining the Bears' shot at a BCS title, or a BCS game, is  simple: Oklahoma State has been the best team in the Big 12 since the summer. We forgot because the Cowboys had the audacity to lose at West Virginia on September 28.

134717842_crop_650x440Baylor is the second-best team in the conference, and Saturday's result bore that out. Play the game again, Oklahoma State wins again. As much credit as Art Briles and all of Baylor deserves for the job they have done to make that university a national threat, the same needs to be said for Mike Gundy and T. Boone Pickens in Stillwater.

It was funny to listen to ABC color analyst Kirk Herbstreit applaud the OSU administration for making the commitment, etc. It wasn't the administration. It was a billionaire fan burying the school in money with the intention of one thing - making his football team a winner. Make no mistake, the Oklahoma State Cowboys belong to T. Boone.

What seemed impossible for so many years - Oklahoma State on equal footing with Oklahoma - is nearly complete with the coaching/recruiting done by Mike Gundy, and the cash supplied by T. Boone Pickens.

Lots of college football programs throw around money, and it does not work all the time, but T. Boone's money has been spent wisely in Stillwater. He has what he wants: A winning football team.

A football team that is better than Texas, better than Oklahoma, and better than Baylor.

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Money may not buy happiness, but just ask SMU from the Eric Dickerson/Craig James years: Money CAN buy football players, college or pro. The list of schools that have NOT been penalized for recruiting infractions involving improper inducements to recruits is way smaller than the list of violators. If you eliminate the Ivy League schools, the list of innocent schools may in fact
be close to zero before long. It's the American way!


Art Briles blew it. It wasn't T. Boone's money. It was Briles. He is a sham. I'm glad they lost. Baylor is going to regret giving him that long term contract. He is a good high school coach and a lousy college coach.


Wow. Bitter or jealous, Asia? His team is still 9-1 and still has a shot at a BCS bowl. Safe to say, Texas, TCU and a few others wish they had a coach like Briles.


Another lazy, poorly thought out blog entry from Mac. So the fact that Baylor was missing 5 of it's top players had nothing to do with it? I agree OkSt was the better team, but don't take anything away from Art Briles' coaching ability or this Baylor team. I guarantee at least 100 D1 teams would trade their coach for Briles in seconds. And no, I'm not a Baylor fan.


Baylor lost because they are a pretender. Briles has taken that squad as far as they are going to go; as far as Briles coaching ability and his ability to recruit can go.

Rob Tentoy

"Safe to say, Texas, TCU and a few others wish they had a coach like Briles."

Texas maybe, but I think TCU is pretty happy with their HC, despite the recent problems.

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