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1 more time: The candidates to replace Mack Brown

UnknownMack Brown is stepping down as head coach at Texas after 16 mostly productive seasons.  Who will be his replacement? Here is a slightly narrowed potential field of candidates:

David Shaw, Stanford
Why he would leave: Despite it being located in the greatness of Palo Alto, Calif. all football coaches want to leave this locale. This is a hard job. Jim Harbaugh, Ty Willingham, Denny Green were the most successful coaches at Stanford since 1989, and they all left on their own to "better" jobs. Shaw is 34-6 in three seasons, and his resume may never look prettier.
Why he wouldn't: The only reason he would not leave Stanford for Texas is because he is not offered the job. He has not won a national title.

Les Miles, LSU
Why he would leave: He wins at LSU, but it's never enough. The man is second-guessed when he goes to the bathroom. UT is a better job. Barely, but it is.
Why he wouldn't leave: He is the most powerful man in his state who wins, and wins in recruiting.

James Franklin, Vanderbilt
Why he would leave: He is leaving as soon as he can.
Why he wouldn't leave: He isn't offered the job. He is 17-8 in his last two seasons at arguably one of the most difficult jobs in America. 

Ncf_g_brilesa_400x600Art Briles, Baylor
Why he would leave: He is a Texan who is in Texas and the chance to coach this program may be too great to pass for a man like Art.
Why he wouldn't leave: Loyalty to Baylor, and realizing he has the keys to his town and school. He can do no wrong. The buyout in the new 10-year contract he signed with Baylor is too great. 

Gary Patterson, TCU
Why he would leave: See above on Briles, only GP isn't a Texan.
Why he wouldn't leave: Because he won't be offered the job. His window, if there was one, was last season.

Urban Meyer, Ohio State
Why he would leave: Climate, it's Texas, and the chance to make more money.
Why he wouldn't leave: Ohio State is a Texas of the north. It's a monster school with a giant enrollment and fan base. He owns the Big 10, too. He makes a ton of money in Columbus.

Jim Harbaugh, 49ers
Why he would leave: The chance to return Texas to national prominence. Money. Money. Money.
Why he wouldn't leave: He is a pro coach would rather coach ball than worry about all of the other stuff. He has plenty of money.

Jimbo Fisher, Florida State
Why he would leave: Money. It's Texas.
Why he wouldn't leave: He has Florida State atop the Florida food chain. He owns the ACC.

Jim Mora Jr., UCLA
Why he would leave: The chance to coach Texas. He is doing well right now at UCLA, but he knows he is in a USC town.
Why he wouldn't leave: He makes plenty of money living in SoCal, and has good job security.

The next coach at Texas will be: David Shaw looks pretty attractive right now.


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Texas Strong

Don't count Saban out. Remember, just yesterday it sounded like Mack Brown was going to stay. I'll wet myself if Texas doesn't run at Saban hard. Saban is the best and so is Texas. It's a match made in heaven.

RoCk cHAlK

Two words: Mark Magino. He was magic in Lawrence. Horns up. Look out Austin!


Major Applewhite has done such a great job as OC he should be handed the job just to keep the program on the path its been on the past 16 years


According to Bleacher Report, we should keep an eye on the Big Ten coaches. Ohio State's Urban Meyer and Iowa's Kirk Ferentz aren't going anywhere, but Wisconsin's Gary Anderson and Michigan State's Mark Dantonio are both possible candidates for Texas.


The search for a new coach will be exhaustive and I really don't expect any coach from an established program to leave. Who knows who the next coach will be...maybe the guy from Cincinnati or Florida International.

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