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A 4 year old reviews "Frozen"

Frozen_castposterThere is a new kid's movie out, Disney's Frozen. Go see it. Combined with the ads before the movies, the trailers that go on forever (not complaining), this is a solid way to kill (sorry, spend quality time) two-plus hours during the dreaded no-school holiday times.

What critics and adults think of kids movies is simply not relevant. There is no greater racket than children's entertainment. It can be, and often is, trash. The film, play, etc. simply must hold the aimless attention span of our little loved ones for a little while as we cling to sanity, and dreams of bed time.

Alas, Frozen is good. Like, really good. Cute art, a nice little plot about sisterhood ... or something. Who cares? The kid loved it.



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